Meghan King Cuff calls Owens romance an ‘arranged marriage’

The Meghan King Cuff Owens relationship felt like a arranged wedding

Megan King with an inset from her and former Cuff Wayne. MOVI Inc./MEGA; Courtesy Meghan King / Instagram

Not all marriages are created equal. Meghan King Mentioning her brief romance with him, he got the reality about his three marriages Cuff Owens Somewhat felt on stage.

The 37-year-old TV personality said in an episode of SiriusXM on Thursday, March 31, “He said all the right things and me and my family were well, well fit”. Jeff Lewis Live. “And he seems to have grown up like me.”

The The real housewife of Orange County Alum revealed, “It was almost like a arranged wedding, I thought, because we didn’t choose each other.”

The Meghan King Cuff Owens relationship felt like a arranged wedding

Cuff Owens and Megan King. Courtesy Meghan King / Instagram

Asked if he had seen any red flags with Georgetown University alum, King said yes, Owens was also a good actor. “I think I was ready for a partner,” he explained. “I have three small children that I have often. And so, I really need some help and I want a partnership.”

King and Owens, 43, tied the knot in October 2021, a month after meeting on a dating app. Owens’ uncle is president Joe Biden And his wife, Jill BidenAttended the wedding, as the king had three children: daughters Aspen, 5, and twin sons Hart and Hayes, 3, whom he shares with his ex-husband. Jim Edmunds.

The “Intimate Knowledge” podcast cohost and attorney have called for it to leave in December 2021, and there are plans to disband the union. King’s departure from Owens marked his third failed union.

Before that he was married to a college lover Brad McDill Four years before their separation in 2011. King tied the knot for the second time with 51-year-old Edmunds in October 2014, but they left five years later.

“I was married when I was 22 years old. Yeah, so I guess no one counted, you know, it was like a practice,” King told the radio host. Jeff Lewis Thursday.

St. Louis called her relationship with aboriginal Edmunds “real, valid marriage and divorce.” The couple finalized their divorce in May 2021.

“Then this last one will be canceled, so I’ve had three marriages and two marriages,” King said, adding that he thinks he really did get married once.

Despite her track record with love, former Bravo star Luis, 52, agrees that she is a kind of “love addict”, explaining that protecting a relationship is something she wants.

“I love falling in love, but you know I like falling in love more? I like the stable part. Like the honeymoon episode is great and everything, but I really want stability and I want a partner,” King admitted. “And so this is what I keep looking for and I am doing it wrong. So something is off. “

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