Michelle Young, Nite Olukoa Tees Wedding plans in the long run

Michelle Young and fianc Nate Olukoa detail their wedding plans in their long-distance engagement

Nite Olukoya and Michelle Young. Jane Lowry / Mega

Getting married inspiration? After about four months Michelle Young And Nite OlukoyaThe engagement has been aired, the couple is already thinking about their dream wedding.

“Knight and I, we know a lot of different people and we have such a big family and that’s a huge part of it [our planning process]”, Minnesota native, 28, says exclusively Our weekly Time to attend the Sherri Hill NYFW Bridal & Evening Fashion Show on Friday, April 8th. “And so coming out of an epidemic… one thing we both can’t even imagine is a small marriage and so we want to make sure we’re ‘completely clean so it’s not a stress for us, and then, [we want to have] Warm weather [on our wedding day]”

Young and Canadian Native, engaged on December 27, 2021 at the end of the engagement Bachelorette Season 18. Since the pair have maintained their new normal balance as an engaged couple, they have also tackled a long-distance relationship. (Young lives in Minnesota Minneapolis, while his girlfriend lives in Austin, Texas.)

“When we’re together, we just spend time together as breaks, so it’s nice,” Olukoya said. Us Friday when she and Young took part in a fashion show in support Hannah GodwinWho walked the show.

The fifth-grade teacher, for his part, added: “If we don’t hang out, we’re texting. [or] FaceTime. We do a lot of movie nights like FaceTime or Zoom. We have been working on it. But, he’s in Minnesota for a while now, so it feels good. “

Young, who previously appeared in 25 seasons Unmarried Before the franchise took the lead, note that the pair spent most of their time traveling together – whether in New York for a fashion show or in Mexico for a romantic retreat.

“It was amazing. At first it was really weird because we got back to those feelings when we were on the show. You know, show concern,” said Bradley University grad. Us On their vacation last month, at the same hotel where they celebrated their engagement after filming. “But once we get over it, we really have a lot of fun. I think we’re going to make it our annual vacation spot.”

While the couple is still learning each other’s techniques – such as Olucoa’s love of “therapeutic” laundry – and pet urine, their loved ones are getting to know each other.

“Our dogs are getting used to each other. It took them a minute to get used to it [each other]”Young added.”[My dog] The chief was not a fan [his pup] Percy. I would say Percy has a little more power. But now they are getting used to it [to each other] – Now they actually bond and they hug and they play with each other so it’s fun to watch. “

Young and the sales executive had a strong attraction from the very beginning of the ABC series, when he made a tempting first impression.

“Knight has always been one of the strongest connections, if not the strongest connection,” he said earlier. Us After the final broadcast in December 2021. “And what I wanted to do was really challenge myself to make sure I was open to everyone because in such a situation. Bachelorette Or UnmarriedConversations can change a lot of things because, you know, you have this short snippet and it sounds like a short conversation, but [you’re] Not talking small – you’re not talking about favorite colors and favorite foods, like, you really dive deeper. You see, those conversions change very quickly throughout the season. “

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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