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He grew up watching movies like Mindy Kalinga Animal house And admired how it captured the joy and harsh party that goes with college life. But women always played dirty roles in which they were involved in running “topless and screaming”, he admits, which led him to create College Girls Sex Live For HBO Max.

“I love college stories and there aren’t many of them,” says Calling, who joined stage co-producer / EP Justin Noble at the Deadline contestant TV event. “I like movies Face me Really capturing the college environment, doing some of those aspiring nerds. We are always talking about Face me.

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Before telling the story of four roommates navigating their new independence at the prestigious Essex College, Calling said he and Nobel went to the East Coast campus to see what the kids were up to now. She and the Nobel laureates packed the room with women drawing their own experiences to help them write the script. Calling told a story about how a writer came back from lunch one day and unloaded about a very unfortunate hookup in his junior year.

“The show is full of observations about being a young woman in college, so it makes sense to hire a lot,” continued calling about the show’s new season. “Being able to be honest about your time at school and your heartbreak [is important]. There are real weaknesses. I grew up, and still am, very repressed. It’s fun to work on a show where there are no characters Young women should grow up and not be embarrassed by their sexual desire, sexual identity. I am 42 years old and in our writers’ house, we are learning a lot from our staff, from our cast. “

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For the second season, Calling said they will continue to tell these “fun, consistent dating stories we don’t often see. It’s a fun show about romance and bad dates. You know when you turn it on, it’ll be fun. There will be women in each other’s company.” Comedy stars Pauline Chalet (Kimberly), Renee Radap (Liton), Amrit Kaur (Bella) and Allah Chanel Scott (Whitney).

“Every girl has a lot of embarrassment,” Nobel promised in the new season.

But the new season will not include the dreaded – and very married – soccer coach Dalton (James Morosini), who maintained a very inappropriate relationship with Whitney. “She’s gone,” Kaling assured her.

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