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Happy Friday reader. Tom Greater is looking back at the top international titles of the week here.

Mip TV is about to end

We finally got there: The first ear-based MIP TV for three years took place earlier this week and, after some initial travel chaos that scrambled contingents across the UK to arrive at Nice Airport on Sunday night, things settled into a familiar pattern. In a sense, Mip TV thinks the previous fortnightly series Mania was an extension of the streamer and European talent at the top of everyone’s talk point list. In a keynote address, HBO Max Global boss Johannes Larcher spoke of his streamer’s position in Europe, declaring that “being first is not always the best.” Meanwhile, Kendall Media co-founder Kevin Mayer, one of the founders of Disney +, gave participants a window into his strategy, and Sony International Production boss Wayne Garvey detailed his ambition to become “Britain’s largest drama studio.”

Thin fruit: Although positive vibrations were always present in the croissant, most sources agree that the footprints on the ground were somewhat thin. The Mip TV series Mania and Rising London came so soon after the screening, and there was a feeling that many large companies had reduced the size of their usual delegation. “It’s a relationship market and a reset market, not a sales market,” said a senior distribution boss. Organizers said there were more than 5,000 delegates from 80 countries, more than the larger Mipcom in October, although access to the market was limited due to the coronavirus. One thing is for sure, the industry is breathing a sigh of relief that this terrible epidemic has gone to its next stage. Roll next October.

Read this now: Although Big Sales Packages Was a Rare Drop And Extraordinary portrait In addition to creating Anyway Content, a production company led by BAFTA-nominated director Oliver Parker and former Red Arrow studio boss James Baker took a packed slate to MIP. Our new international TV co-editor Jesse Whitak has launched his account with this exclusive on a play by Leonard Cohen. Lilyhammer Author Øystein Carlsen. Elsewhere, he sat down with Max Masked singer Creator Wonwoo Park for an exclusive interview, at which time the park tips its layout My boyfriend is better The next big US hit will be and address Masked singer Rudy Giuliani controversy. Read here.

Channel 4 sold out

Channel 4

“Great Britain is making the TV industry worse”: In the biggest shock of British broadcasting in decades, the favorite alternative network Channel 4 is about to be sold by the government. The news broke on Monday evening (did this really happen during Mip TV’s opening night party?) And the reaction started long ago. “Why do they want to make Britain’s great TV industry worse?” It’s thick Producer Armando Yanucci shouted positively on Twitter. Opponents are angry at the potential changes to Channel 4’s remittances, which could allow it to create its own show for the first time in 40 years and snatch its drive to commission hundreds of small production companies that have used the network. Seen as a bedrock to grow their business for decades.

What next?: Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahn stressed on BAU in a town hall-style meeting for all staff, the whole process will take about two years. There are rumors of buying with foreign European bats like ITV, Comcast, Paramount and Discovery, Vivendi and Bartelsman.

Warner Bros. Discovery Goes Global

Warner Bros. Discovery

International Relations: The amount of deals such as the acquisition of Warner Bros. Discovery is a thrill and a huge headache for those who invest in their results, and David Jaslav’s top-tier Warner Bros. Discovery executive team has now confirmed that the international business structure is in the spotlight. JB Perrette is leaving the UK, where he oversees streaming and international supervision for Discovery, returns to the US and heads Warner Bros. Discovery Global Streaming and Interactive Entertainment, leaving WarnerMedia’s Gerhard Zeller to be the new president of the new Luke Biz. Interestingly, he reports to Jaslav about channels and brands, but will respond to Peret in streaming and international distribution.

Below the line: There are several more layers of peeling this onion – for example, would you like to see Wasser Bros. and Discovery Channel and Streamline Content activities spread across Europe and Asia with Jaslav and Co? Rumor has it that Discovery’s somewhat confusing regional hub structure (CEEMEA, anyone?) Will be simplified with a single leader for Europe. EMEA President and MD Cassia Kielli is well-liked at WarnerMedia and a decent bet for a big position, if anyone comes up, while Priya Dogra, WarnerMedia’s EMEA and APAC head, is considered a powerful operator. A lot has to come in this fast-paced story.

Hope for 2022 Cannes Fest

Back to business: It has been several years since the film festival landscape, but the team behind the Cannes Film Festival, which many still see as the most prestigious fest in the world, is feeling good about the prospect of 2022. Last year’s edition was physically staged but remained dominated by the ghosts of Kovid, with almost half of the 10,000 professional delegates actually present. Expect this year for something much closer to business as usual.

Back to Asia: This week, Fest told Deadline that while it predicts only 10% of delegates will be virtual participants, the rest will travel to France. Even in Asia, where the toughest Kovid tolerates restrictions, according to the head of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, there is a “clear” appetite to return to the ear. The first country to attend the fest is Mongolia, which is preparing to launch a new film commission. Read more

Expected selection: All eyes are on the line-up announcement, which is set to take place next Thursday (April 14). A small number of titles, including Buzz Luhrmann, have already been announced ElvisWhich this week Fest has confirmed will debut in Croeset.

Big interview

France’s oldest film company: Andreas Sidoni sat down for a rare double interview with Dumas and Christophe Riandi, the head of which Lupine Producer Gaumant, who talked about transforming the multi-storey drama business into a major TV player in Europe and beyond.

‘A hero’ 6


Debate: Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi has found himself at the center of a legal battle, with one of his former students, Azadeh Masihzadeh, accused of stealing the filmmaker’s ideas. Hero From his documentary All winners all defeated. Reports surfaced this week that Farhadi had been convicted, but in a statement his producer Alexander Mallet-Guy said the case was not over. Read more


Global ambitions: At the International Dispute Hot-Seat this week was Romain Bessie, CEO of French group Newen Studios, who discussed the company’s plans. Read the full interview.

Useful stuff

3 A hot week: Book by Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer To catch the king Is adapted by Philomena The pair are Steve Cugan and Jeff Pope.

3 Another one: A Killing Eve Work is underway on the spin-off of BBC America and the AMC network, looking at the early life of MI6 spymaster Caroline Mertens.

3 Another one!: There is an early stage conversation with Netflix The crown Producer Left Bank with smash hit royal drummer prequel.

3 Box office: Morbius While leading the worldwide box office with a $ 84M debut this weekend Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Getting ready for a mass release this Easter 7

RIP: The international showbiz world has lost a few names this week: EastEnders Star Jun Brown; Taiwanese actor Jimmy Wang Yu; And Lithuanian film director Mantas Kevedaravicius was killed in Ukraine on Saturday.

🚚 Moving: Disney has appointed its first casting executive in the UK.

Agreement completed: Newen-controlled Ringside Studios has closed its latest acquisition of UK company Joey Productions, taking a minority stake.

Agreement completed: Penelope Cruz and Spanish costume The MediaPro Studio are teaming up to launch production label Moonlion.

3 First seen: Is it hot here? Has released the first trailer for Netflix 365 days Sequel

Max Goldbert and Jesse Whitt have contributed to this week’s International Insider.

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