‘Miss Congeniality 2’ should not have been created

Sandra Bullock Not interested in making others Miss Utility Movie – In fact, he regretted making the 2005 sequel in the first place.

“Allah, no. No, no,” d The lost city Starr, 57, told Metro UK on Wednesday, April 6, about restoring her role as Gracie Hart. “It simply came to our notice then Regina [King], Whom I only cherish in madness. That should have been one. “

Sandra Bullock says Miss Congeniality 2 never happened

Didrich Bader, Regina King and Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality 2 – Armed and great. Aunt Frank / Warner Bros. / Kobal / Shutterstock

King, 51, played non-nonsense bodyguard Sam Fuller in the sequel, which saw the pair rescue Gracie’s competition friends after they were abducted. The two travel to Las Vegas when Bullock’s character goes into hiding again and he and Sam eventually become friends on their own.

When Blind side The actress doesn’t want to go back to her character’s heels again, she’s more than happy to hand over the role to someone else. “If not, they make a prequel with a young Gracie Hart, (with) a little mustache and monobro,” Bullock not interested, he explained. “I think it would be nice for Gracie Hart to act like Gracie Hart in her 10, 11 year life, still as an adult.”

Sandra Bullock says Miss Congeniality 2 never happened

Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality 2. Aunt Frank / Warner Bros. / Kobal / Shutterstock

Bullock has never been ashamed to share the films he has regretted making in his decades-long career. “I have one [movie that] No one came around and I’m still embarrassed that I was. ” Proposal The star said TooFab last month. “It’s called Speed ​​2

The Oscar winner reflects his role from the 1995 blockbuster, Speed, For its sequel two years later. Inside Speed ​​2: Cruise controlThe bull and his character’s new bride are on a cruise ship hijacked by a villain (Willem Daffo), Who planned to wreck the boat in an oil tanker His real coaster, Keanu ReevesRejecting the sequel, and Virginia Native Will she did the same thing.

“I’ve been very vocal about it,” Bullock said. “[It] Does not express any meaning. Slow boat I am slowly moving towards an island. ”

After the interviewer admitted that he liked watching the 1997 sequel SpeedThe bull said sarcastically: “It was something I wouldn’t do and no fan I know would come without you.” Adding that the movie received a “very quiet” reception, the Oscar winner said that there were only a few people who told him they enjoyed it. Speed ​​2. “Like five people [like that movie]. He and four other 12-year-olds were watching the slow-moving boat towards the small island. “

New pictures of bull, The Lost CityCurrently in theaters.

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