Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels patch ‘precious’ feud; He will replace Octavia Spencer Inn

Exclusive: 13 years after not speaking, Oscar winner Precious Director Lee Daniels has set star Monique to replace Octavia Spencer. Demon House, An exorcism film package that Netflix acquired after a quick auction in January. Spencer had to withdraw from the star-studded movie due to schedule conflicts on his Apple TV + television show. Truth be told.

Mo’Nique, who last worked with Daniels in the famous 2009 film Precious Which earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, will take on the role of a social worker who helps a family through ghost-cheating. Demon House Reunion with Oscar-nominated Daniels United States vs. Billy Holiday Star Andra Day, who will star opposite Glenn Klose, Don’t look upOf Rob Morgan, Stranger ThingsCaleb McLaughlin and Anjanu Ellis, among others new to the Oscar nomination King Richard.

In a moment of fury in Hollywood for slapping Will Smith’s Chris Rock at the Oscars, people are happy to see the possibility that the differences of the past could be removed. Despite the success Precious And while Monique has won an Oscar for her role as an abusive mother, she has been accused of blackballing Daniels, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for not promoting the film during the awards season. It wasn’t in his contract, he said, and Mo’Nique didn’t want to spend time away from his family. They denied blackmailing her, but sources said the actress and director had not spoken for 13 years due to disagreements. He filed a separate lawsuit against Monique in 2019 Demon House-Producer Netflix, after offering millions of dollars to other stars, has accused him of racial and gender discrimination for trying to pay him less for a stand-up special. It included comics like Oscar host Amy Schumer, who has been sued for 26 times the $ 500,000 she was offered for a one-hour comedy special.

Monique and Daniels have cast out their demons and will work together on a very high profile film. When the package was brokered by CAA Media Finance, sources told Deadline that it was worth over $ 65 million, covering the film’s budget and purchases. Produced by Daniels, Tucker Tully and Pam Williams. Production begins in June.

In a case that was widely covered at the time, Latoya Amons and her three children were confronted with a strange incident at their Gary, IN, home that continued to get worse, with the children becoming violent with each other and roaring and talking in deep voices without any recollection. The latter was suspicious, but Gary, the police department, the children’s services department, and the local church and hospital all became involved, submitting reports that took the supernatural event seriously. Officers, doctors and social workers said they witnessed several incidents, including one in which her 9-year-old son walked behind a wall. The Indianapolis Star has covered it closely since the Child Services Department investigated it.

When the story first came out in 2014, Amnes chose his rights to relativity, but the movie was not made, and those rights were revoked several years ago because Relativity Chapter 11 went bankrupt. Producer Tooley, a former Relativity exec, under his Tooley Entertainment banner, subsequently acquired the abolished rights. Then came a long development for a film ready to be made. Dave Kageshal wrote the draft, as did Eliza Binam. Then Daniels himself rewrote it and this is the script the buyers read. It uses the case to create a fictional thriller, as it were The Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, The Conjuring And other franchises may be based on or inspired by actual events

Also producing are Todd Crites and Jackson Nguyen of Turn Left Productions, and Greg Ranker and Gregor Jensolen EP.

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