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Exclusive: If you are a crazy fan Mayans MC, You can recognize an ear – yes, a Ears – A popular actor in the drama teaser for the new season. On the television panel competing for the FX series, executive producer Elgin James has confirmed that the ear belongs to Manny Montana, who will join the cast after playing Rio on NBC. Good girls.

James was mostly silent about who would play Montana, except to say “he caused some problems” as a member of Yuma Mayans. Season 4 is set to premiere on April 19 at 10pm with back-to-back episodes, with Montana episode 2 set to make its debut in “Hymen Among the Rains”.

Deadline has exclusively released the first look of the show’s new season which will see it go to war against the Mayans. The child of anarchyIts Samcro in response to the assassination of their Road Captain Montage (Jacob Vargas). Although Montage was not directly killed by a Mayan, he died indirectly from the actions of one.

Montez’s killer Palo (Gregory Norman Cruz) was part of Vatos Malditos, a motorcycle club that was destroyed by the Mayans in the Season 2 final. Taza (Raul Trujillo) had this atrocity as a result of a string of lies to cover up his homosexuality, which is not a big one in this world. Tazar had a long relationship with Palo’s brother David, whom Palo killed for being gay.

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Saturday’s panel included producer-star JD Purdo and co-stars Clayton Cardinas, Sarah Bolger and Carla Baratta. “There were 100 people outside our gates in their clubhouse, trying to pay them for what they did,” he said.

Mayans MC

(LR) JD Pardo and Elgin James on stage Saturday
Kevin Winter / Deadline

Paddo remembers how James reacted after the intense scene was shot. “He said, ‘Dude, I don’t know how we can get out of this,'” he said.

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