NBA Hall of Famer Chris Weber’s memoir ‘By the Grace of God’ to be made for TV

Exclusive: NBA Hall of Famer Chris Weber’s memoir “By God’s Grace” is being developed in a TV series by Picturestart before its November 15 release. The TV series is currently being purchased from networks and streamers.

The adaptation focuses on Weber’s youth and journey as part of “Fab Five.” From amateur athletics to national championships, the series will address life and career victories and hardships spent behind the greatness of basketball while examining many of the most relevant issues of equity between school and players.

“I’ve been waiting to tell my story for over 25 years and I’m honored to be partnering with Eric Fig and Picturestart,” Weber said in a statement on Deadline. “This series provides a unique opportunity to provide insights into my upbringing, explore the intricacies of high school sports and share details of my career and personal events that shaped my life. I am extremely grateful for all the exciting peaks and challenges throughout my journey, and for the platform for delivering my narrative to both new and established audiences and viewers. “

“The story of Chris and the story of Fab Five are the incredible perspectives that hit a lot of things: basketball, of course, but family, friends, perseverance, race, class, celebrity and all the possibilities and complexities of the American dream. Working with Chris in this series has been a dream come true for many of us at Picturestart and we can’t wait to bring it to viewers around the world, “said Fig, founder and CEO of Picturestart.

Feig, Samie, Kim Falvey, Jessica Switch, and Royce Reeves-Darby will be the executive producers of the project. Peter Gilbert will also serve as executive producer and has partnered with Weber to launch Weber-Gilbert Productions. Cashmere Originals’ Russell will serve as a non-writing executive producer on the Redeaux project.

Weber was ripped by Laveta Willis.

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