Newen-backed Ringside Joey joins production – Deadline

Exclusive: Ringside Studios, an organization owned by European media company and distributor Newen, has closed its latest acquisition by acquiring a majority stake in UK company Joey Productions through its investment arm Ringside Media.

Set up by former BAFTA breakthrough nominee Joy Gharoro-Acpozoto, the company has the distinction of including a rapman feature debut hit. Blue storyWhich was published by Paramount and Amal Amin Boxing Day, Which was published by Warner Bros.

Gharoro-Acpozoto received a BFI Vision Award for supporting growth in 2020, and the company has now hired Tom Hawkins, who previously headed Wildgauge’s head of development. The focus of Joey Productions is to create black, queer and female-led stories. Later it is produced Keeper For the BBC, writes Candice Carty-Williams (Quinn)

Joey was advised by Lee & Thompson’s team and Gray Seal Media to sign the deal.

To further break the English-speaking market, Newen formed Ringside Studios with Gub Neal in 2020. To date, the company’s investment arm has confirmed partnerships in Fictionhouse, Slate Entertainment, More South Productions and B Side Film and TV.

Gharoro-expositor says: “I am thrilled to be part of the Ringside family. This is a great opportunity to expand and focus on the kind of content and talent that we currently lack in the mainstream media, and to make this journey even more exciting with our trusted partners. ”

Kate Bennetts, managing director of Ringside, says: “Joi has a completely unique voice in the industry, and portrays the multi-hypnotized people who are creating the most compelling content right now. We’re excited to see how his strong talent continues to grow and develop in support of the company infrastructure behind it. “

Philip Levasure, Head of International at Newen, said, “In Newen we are excited about the emergence of the next generation of talent, and the highly talented and ambitious Joy Dome-Expositor is pleased to join us.”

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