No Way Home ‘star Jacob Battalion on’ Reginald the Vampire ‘- Deadline

Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Jacob Battalion recounts his experience of being “traditionally unattractive” in his upcoming Syfy series Reginald the Vampire.

The Battalion, which produces and directs 10-Parters, was on Mip TV in Cannes this week to promote the show to worldwide buyers, and he said that deadlines were at the heart of the show’s message to attack social stigma and destroy trolls.

“We talked about the underlying message in the beginning and the experience of being a ‘not pretty’ person,” said Batalon, who starred in all three. Spiders are human Movies and two appeared as Ned Leeds Avenger Picture “It gave me such an incentive.”

Distributed by Cineflix Rights, Reginald the Vampire Johnny B. Based on Truant Fat vampire Following the novel and the protagonist, who discovers that he has his own unknown powers.

By show-ran Twin Picks’ Directed by Harley Peyton and Shadow hunters’ Jeremiah Chechik, the show, which was created as a comeback series, has Reginald navigating a world where he can’t live with the girl he loves and is being bullied at work. Also starring Mandela Van Peebles (Mayor of Kingstown) And M. Hein (Fargo)

Batalon says there are a few supernatural plays outside of the same ilk.

“We were trying to create our own path so we weren’t really inspired by anything,” he said. “All we wanted to do was turn the vampire troupes on their heads and not take ourselves too seriously.”

The battalion considers multiple global networks interested in acquiring the series, as it displays a global theme and also satisfies the current passion for various programming.

Being an executive producer on the show allowed Batalon to realize a vision of having a diverse cast and crew, and he opened up about feeling part of the industry’s “diversity narrative” since the breakout in the Marvel movie.

“Different actors have become so accustomed to reading things written by whites that they feel we are not included,” he added. “But now the writers have become more diverse and it has become a whole movement. We can see that Zendayah can play a major role in this Spiders are human Movies. “

“It feels like our time,” he went on to say. “Not only for people of color, but also for the gay community. We’re tired of hearing the same stories from the same people. “

He was full of praise for welcoming the varied castings of Marvel creators Steve Ditko and Stan Lee movies, even when they faced the reaction of angry fans of the original comics.

He described the experience of both executive production and acting as “seeing in two different worlds” and persuaded him to pay close attention to the well-being of the crew.

“Sometimes we forget in the huge planning of things that it’s just a job, especially when Covid is under pressure and has a low budget,” he added. “I wanted to recognize that we are all human beings and should not treat each other like props and tools.”

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