Noah and Steve are arguing about moving away

Is it in their own way? Marriage at first sightOf We are foammask Reveals that she does not want to be with him Steve May After Judgment Day.

Inside Our weeklyOn Wednesday, March 30, the exclusive peek of the episode, Noah, 33, and Steves, 38, security cameras show an argument about their living conditions.

“So you’re worried about saying yes and not being together on Judgment Day. Like, you kind of said that, didn’t you? Saying yes on Judgment Day, and then breaking up after a month or two or three months? Steve asked MAFS Clip.

“No! That’s not what I’m saying, “Noi insisted. “I don’t feel ready to go together.”

First Sight's Noi Shock marries Steve with plans to move out the day after his decision

Steve Moy and Noi Fomasak. Lifetime

The Lifetime couple is already living together during the filming of the show. However, Marriage at first sight Couples live in a makeshift apartment until Decision Day and will have to choose what to do with their permanent housing situation after the camera leaves.

“I’m talking to Noi about the afterlife Marriage at first sight“He told me he didn’t want to go after Judgment Day, and that’s a bit of a surprise to me. It’s not something I’ve ever considered. I thought going in was something that came with it,” Steve said in his confession.

In the beginning, the couple met on the altar Marriage at first sight Season 14 after being met by three relationship experts. They moved in together, reunited with each other’s families, and spent each day together for the past two months.

“So you want to stay together for two months as a married couple and then get to know each other?” The software developer asks in a peek. “I don’t know about that.”

“Like, what’s the hurry?” No reason.

Steve replies, “You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? I was married. “

Still, Noi insists they don’t have to be together. “I just don’t feel comfortable, like integrating our lives together,” she says. “I’m not ready to do it yet.”

When Steve tells her he’s “not ready to commit to marriage,” Noy says, “I don’t even want to deal with it.”

The groom is later confused. “What are you talking about? We got married. Did you think we were signing up?” He asked.

In a confession, he said he wanted more commitment from his new wife: “I got married at first sight because I’m ready to make a future with someone, and that’s something I take very seriously and I hope my wife will do the same.” Agree. “

He added that he wondered if he should read in line. “Often, Noi doesn’t express what she’s feeling, but I think there’s something else she needs to be sure about me, my employment status and where things stand in this regard,” he said. “I’m not sure if this is the case, but if it ends, yes, I think it would be unfortunate that I just have to do it to prove something to him.”

“You’re saying you’re not ready to get married,” Steve told Noy.

Noy said he was wrong and “blowing it out of proportion.” “There are a lot of married couples who live in different places,” he claims.

Freelancers are more concerned about their future than ever before. “For me, it’s worrying because the way she feels uncertain about my employment status, I’m also uncertain because how committed are you really if you have a fallback place where you can leave it at any time and get back there?”

Marriage at first sight Season 14 Lifetime airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET.

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