NYC reality series and Amy Berg-directed grooming documentary freeform non-fiction

Freeform returns to the screen when it comes to non-fiction with two documentaries and a reality series that shuts down its unscripted slate.

Disney-owned network ordered Deep bottomA four-part documentary about controversial spiritual teachers, Dear Pony: Put it in usA series about grooming in US high schools conducted by Phoenix Rising Helmer Amy Berg and Day to nightAn eight-part reality series set in New York City.

The slate is overseen by Gihan Robinson, VP, Alternative Development, Freeform, the former Quibi and Netflix exec who joined in December 2020.

Robinson said that non-fiction is a genre that is loved by its Z and millennial audiences.

“Overall, Freeform really wants to be reflective and authentic to the experiences of young adults,” he told Deadline. “As part of that, these audiences are really involved and love the nonfiction programming section across the board. What I’m doing is a larger, more puzzled, younger adult, in terms of growing and continuing connection to freeform storytelling with new adult audiences.”

Gihan Robinson
Freeform / Jabari Jacobs

Deep bottom An exploration into the world of today’s most controversial spiritual teacher and his dedicated followers. Filmed for over three years with unprecedented access, it looks at how far people have to go in their search for connections.

The series was directed by Dr. When the lamb becomes a lion Produced by John Kasbe Of vows Produced by Tom Yelin and Gabriel Tenenbaum of Beats Sola and The Documentary Group. Freeform came on board during production and the series will premiere on May 18 at 10pm.

Dear Pony: Put it in us It is a four-part series that follows a woman’s journey as she reconsiders her past relationship with a trusted teacher. The series reveals a massive decorating epidemic in U.S. high schools.

Directed by Amy Berg, recently docked by Evan Rachel Wood / Marilyn Manson Phoenix Rising, Dear … of Jenna Rosher and Christy Jacobson of Solitaire. It was produced by Vox Media Studios’ Chad Mom, Mark W. Olsen and Dana J. Olkonen, The Front Media’s Thalia Mavros and Cheryl Nichols, Ari Basil, Berg and Sarah Gibson. It launches on June 15 at 10 p.m.

Finally, Day to night The next generation of “icons” follow when they emerge from downtown New York to pursue love, art and friendship on their own terms. The series takes viewers into the creative NYC underground, where culture is created and life changes forever.

It is produced by Cousin, a New York-based production company known for advertising and music videos.

Megan Sanchez-Warner, who co-produced the series Kamala is the real housewife County And Love and hip hop hollywood, Show-runner in an eight-part series, featuring half-hour episodes. Chermayev and Veselick are also working as series directors, with cousins ​​Jessica Chermayev, Anna Veselick and Anne Alexander as executive producers.

It will launch later this summer.

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