Ohhhhhhhhhh! Take these men to Twitter and share what they have done

Rumiz, nothing like a good Twitter thread, and it’s no different. We always hear about the madness that women have done for men. But this go-round, the men are putting us in their business, Chile.

On Twitter, a user asked to share their disturbing stories and they did just that. From pretending to be an Uber driver to feeding a woman’s husband a lot.

One person tweeted, “Went to his job to beat up a coworker who was bothering him and his bf was too good to do it.” He continued, “I got a friend of mine to give that same BF a night job so I could stay with him.” Chile, if this is not the case, one person said he was acting like an Uber driver. “This girl told me to pick her up from her house. I was confused because she lived with her boyfriend. But I said she might not be home. “The Twitter user continued,” When I pulled them both out of the house, he kissed her goodbye and kissed her in the back seat of my car as if he were getting up in an Uber. “

One man wrote that he “climbed to the roof” of a 6-story building at 4am. He then had to “jump on his condo porch” to open the front door … “while everything was black.”

A few people stunned at the thread. One person wrote, “The game on the last slide of Uber is really toxic, but very p.” Someone else said, “Up to 10,000 girls in the city.”

Swipe and get a good smile, Roomies.

Rumira, what do you think?

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