Olivia Rodrigo made a cameo in a BTS performance

Sour butter! When BTS took to the stage for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, April 3, fans got a surprise: a cameo appearance from Olivia Rodrigo.

The K-Pop group started their “Butter” performance with several members sitting in the audience at different tables, and one of them – V. – The 19-year-old “driver’s license” sat next to the lyricist. The South Korean pop star, 26, whispered something in Rodrigo’s ear, causing fans to wonder what he had to say.

They want to work with Olivia Rodrigo on BTS Grammys after 2022 minutes.

Olivia Rodrigo at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Rob Latur / Shutterstock

“Oh my God BTS and Olivia Rodrigo the Duo I didn’t know I needed to,” a social media user tweeted on Sunday. “I thought V was going to kiss Olivia Rodrigo,” added another fan who did not notice how close the two sat. “V just whispered in Olivia Rodrigo’s ear … are you kidding me ???????” One viewer tweeted, reflecting the feelings of many BTS fans who were watching the show.

Earlier in the evening, Dr. spoke with BTS And! News Which musicians would they like to collaborate with in the future, and V mentioned Rodrigo’s name. One fan mentioned on Twitter: “When someone asked BTS who they wanted to collaborate with, ‘Olivia’ [rodrigo]’And now it’s. “(Names of other members of the group Lady Gaga, J. Balvin And Snoop Dogg.)

The performance of BTS was probably at risk earlier this week after a positive test for Jankuk COVID-19. “Upon arrival in Las Vegas, he felt a slight discomfort in his throat and quickly took a quick PCR test and a standard PCT test,” the band’s record label, Big Hit Music, said in a statement on Monday, March 26. “While under self-quarantine as an active measure, the results of both tests returned positive, and Jankuk confirmed Monday with COVID-19.

They want to work with Olivia Rodrigo on BTS Grammys after 2022 minutes.
David Fisher / Shutterstock

At the time, Big Hit said that Junkuk’s participation in scheduled performances would be “determined by the local regulations of Kavid-19 when we are actively discussing with the award organizers.” Several days later, however, the label announced that the group’s member, 24, had fully recovered.

“We would like to inform you that BTS member Junkuk was released from 2nd (Sat) Quarantine Local Time in the United States after being caught with Covid-19,” Big Hit said in a statement on Saturday, April 2nd. During quarantine, he had a mild sore throat, but he recovered. “

Jankuk’s bandmate Gene, For his part, Grammys had fears for his health even a short time ago. Last month, the “Epiphany” singer, 29, underwent surgery on one of her fingers after her tendons were damaged. He performed during the awards show on Sunday, but his left hand was on a cast. The band’s set included a humorous compliment to his injury, with Jean spending the first part of the performance in an area that looked like a control booth.

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