‘On the Veg’ canceled by Netflix, says Julie Delpy – Deadline

According to its creator and star Julie Delpie, the comedy series On the Verge canceled Netflix and Canal + a season later.

Delpie broke the news today in the comments section of one of his recent Instagram posts. When a fan asked for an update on Season 2, Delpie said the show was “canceled”, although its distributors “forgot to announce it was canceled.”

On the Verge was followed by four female friends in their late 40’s – played by Delpie, Elizabeth Shoe, Sarah Jones and Alexia Landou – who, not as a time of mourning for their youth, but as an opportunity for personal reunion with hope. Midlife chose to use a way of life that ultimately embodies their beliefs and values.

The LA-set half-hour series was a co-production between Canal + and Netflix, before it was released in France and Netflix distributed it to the rest of the world. It debuted in September last year and ran for 12 episodes. Also starring Matthew Darney, Troy Garrett, Tim Sharp and Giovanni RBC. Michael Gentile and Lauren Heftler of The Film TV, Rolla Bauer of StudioCanal and Olivier Gauriat of Bernsteiner, as well as Delpie and Shoe Exx produced.

Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Delpie’s Instagram post and her At the end The announcement can be found below.

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