One commenter thought he had reacted to Lisara after Rosa Park

You look! This April Fool’s Day was full of jokes, but Lisarai was the center of attention when a Twitter user, Lisarai, had to double-take after being considered a civil rights icon, the late Rosa Parks. “No ** ah, I thought Cursed Rosa Parks in Lisara !!! LMAOOOOO Look at Lisara,” they wrote Carrie. He shared a picture of Lisarai next to Rosa with a tweet, “Can you please look at Lisarai !! Why is she dressed in black and white like in 1955 ?? “People were laughing at the tweet and surprised by Lisa’s appearance when she was in ‘Cocktail with Queens’, which she co-hosted with Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox and Celina Johnson.

Lisa explained on her Instagram page that the look was a tribute because yesterday was the last day of the women’s history month. “On this last day of Women’s History Month, I’m going to shout at my Queens. “While we pay tribute to Rosa Parks, Jane Kennedy, Pam Greer and Beyonc, Claudia Jordan, Vivica Fox and Celina Johnson,” she wrote. “Check out Monday Cocktails with the Queens on @foxsoul or YouTube. Ladies, we have another theme week off. “

One person commented, “Salute all these iconic women in this picture! Their contribution will never be noticed! ” However, some people felt that Claudia did not properly respect Jane Kennedy. One commented, “You all looked great, but Claudia never understood the assignment. You all will help her, please.” Claudia responded by commenting, “You’re all coming to my endeavor, come to my page and see the picture I’m working on. I thought it was shown on the show.”

Roommates, what do you think of the women?Cocktail with Queens Iconic women portrayed?

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