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Competing for Steve Martin and Martin Short Hulu on the TV panel Just murder in the building. However, when they became serious about mystery-comedy, the stars insisted that they rarely advertise.

“You’d be surprised how often the script gets our voices or gives us new voices,” Martin said. “Advertising libbing is always through consultation with [co-creator and panelist] John [Hoffman] And with the authors. We are rarely surprised because we are not actors who try to outdo other actors. We consult with John on every line. “

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During the panel, Short said Martin made a mistake Murder he wrote The star calls Angela Lansbury and her “one of the few people I really admire in the show business.” But when it comes down to it Just murderMartin also relies on the script.

From left: Hoffman, Gomez and Short
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“I think you start with a very strong script and then you start to understand the character,” Short said. “Then you start telling the writers, ‘She won’t do it,’ because now you understand her better than in the first episode.”

For his part, Martin made a joke by appearing through Zoom where he pretended to turn off his camera and apparently took a scotch. He paused for 10 seconds before revealing that he was not frozen at all.

Fellow panelist Selena Gomez made Martin and the pair of shorts a trio as young neighbors who helped them solve a mystery. Gomez says he is related to his character.

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“I feel really close to Mabel and she’s gaining that kind of freedom and being reunited with these two weird people alike,” Gomez said. “They made me feel incredibly comfortable. I was obviously scared. They have ideas for me and they will believe me, and they let me do my job. “

When he started working Just murder With Martin, Hoffman said he’s worried he’ll try to write as much as Martin and Short, which he knows. On the contrary, Hostman says, the casts have created their own roles.

“We see them grow with each other,” Hoffman said. “It’s magic, as we’ve seen offscreen talking about the friendship Steve is getting married to, which we’ve seen develop in the first season and now the second season.”

Just murder in the building Will be back on June 28 for Season 2.

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