Ori Fletcher has doubled down on charges against Taina Williams

Roommates, if you thought Ari Fletcher wouldn’t respond to Tina Williams, you were wrong. Tina shared a message denying allegations that she had abused Ari and G. Harbor’s son Yosohan, as well as showing a video of how much Tina loves the baby, which Ari dislikes. She clapped back and had a lot to say about the pregnant mother. Influential Instagram ran live and insulted Tina as a miser and she stood ten fingers down next to her son to prove the allegations of abuse were true.

Upstairs, Ari asked Tina to delete Yosohn’s videos from her page and reiterated to her viewers that she and G Herbo never contacted her when she informed them that Yosohn had come home with a scar on her leg. A Chicago native has released a recording of him talking to Joshua’s father in support of his claim. Ari asked Yoson, “Why don’t you like Taina?” The child replied, “Because I do not.”

Harbo questioned his son, and Yoshan said he did not want to be home with his father’s girlfriend. The conversation did not end there. When allegations of abuse surfaced, Yoshan explained that he had fallen to the floor but said that Taina had hit him while questioning. However, Ari made it clear that her son had fallen on the pillow.

Ari shared more of the recording in the live video, which lasted more than 5 minutes, but things became interesting when the child claimed he wanted to shoot his father’s girlfriend. At that moment, Ari came in and asked why he wanted to shoot her. He closed the video and said, “You all get the picture, and I have eight more videos. Please explain to me what I am bitter about? He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Roommate, who do you trust in this situation?

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