Oscar producer Will Smith packs to go to GMA to talk about slapping

Oscar producer Will Packer is set to set the record straight in Friday’s appearance Good morning america Deadline confirmed.

Will Smith has two conflicting accounts with Packer’s advice after Jada Pinket slapped Chris Rock in the live telecast of the Oscars after making a stand-up “GI Jane 2” joke about Smith. We hear from an insider that Packer insisted Smith would not leave the show; At this point AMPAS chief David Rubin and a representative of Don Hudson Smith advised the actor to leave Dolby. There are also rumors that Packer has advised Smith to leave.

TJ Holmes will speak with Packer exclusively on Friday. World News tonight with David Muir Tonight at 6:30 pm ET will broadcast a preview clip on ABC.

AMPAS said in a statement yesterday that it had asked Smith to leave, with many others known this morning saying it was merely an offer and King Richard The Oscar-winning actor was not asked directly. Smith’s representative advised the actor that AMPAS had advised him to leave, however, Smith wanted to stay and fix the situation. He apologized to the academy and those in the room, but not to Rock. It wasn’t until Monday that Smith apologized again, and specifically named Rock in his Maya clan.

Variety was news about the appearance of the first packer GMA.

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