Paige hurts Sierra to ‘incite violence’

More than meets the eye. Follow the explosive battle in Sierra Miller And Daniel Olivera On Summer house, Lindsay Hubbard Words off about how Paige DeSorbo The situation did not help.

“It simply came to our notice then [Paige] To provoke violence by injuring Siara [with] Andrew Wine [Denver]Its poor love dinner. I was shocked to see it, “said Lindsay, 35, exclusively Our weekly Tuesday, April 5 during season 6 promotion.

The publicist noted that he had a different view of his friendship with the 29-year-old Page, before the season saw the game on screen.

“I really thought I would have a good summer with Page. I legally left the summer [thinking], ‘Wow, Page and I got more than we have. We laughed and we shared more things with each other. We’re more concerned with different things than we were last summer. ” I’m amazed at how much he’s talked about, “Lindsay shared Us. “He’ll say a word to my mouth and then the door to his room will close and he’ll want to say all this nonsense about me.”

Lindsay of the Summer House said Page had hurt Sierra to

Lindsay Hubbard, Page Disorbo and Sierra Miller. Shutterstock (2); Bravo

The Summer house When Friendship Season 6 takes a turn Southern Charm ‘s Austin Kroll Went to Hampton’s house. After sharing a connection with Ciara, 26, time Winter house, Austin, 34, kissing Lindsay caused a stir among the coasters. In a recent episode of the Bravo Heat series, Ciara confronted Lindsay for not considering her feelings – for catastrophic consequences.

“When Ciara started the conversation, it was very clear to me that she wanted to talk and listen to me. I knew that if I said anything, it was going to be World War 3. So, I stayed calm and did not join, which I quite It simply came to our notice then. Us About the heated dinner episode. “Once Ciara started crossing the line with verbal attacks on me, Daniel was like, ‘OK, I’m going to draw the line. Like, that’s enough.’

After calling Sierra Lindsay, Danielle, 33, rescued her friend and threw a glass of wine at him. For Lindsay, Sierra’s response seemed unreasonable. “I was taking it on the chin because I knew it would explode if I got involved. So Daniel decided to take action and it still exploded, “he said, adding that he kept his distance from the nurse after the summer incident.” We may be in the same room together, but that’s not exactly [of] Whom I want as a friend. “

Lindsay continued: “The girlfriends I have in my life, my best friends, are all very inspiring women who are usually entrepreneurs with deep connections. And I think Ciara, is being treated. [badly] Blaming it on a guy and a girl is not the kind of friend I want. “

Ciara, for her part, had previously addressed how the fight with Daniel became physical when she initially wanted to talk to Lindsay. “It was a buildup of things. A Georgia native said, “A lot, you know, there were a lot of emotions that I gave up for a long time. Us In January. “And to be honest, I came to that dinner, very hot. A lot of information was being thrown around and I must have reacted. [cool] To be honest. “

While reflecting on the drama between her and Sierra on Austin, Lindsay also mentioned that she was not aware of her coaster’s feelings.

“I had no intention of getting back to Ciara. I was not secretive in any conversation where he was talking about how much he liked Austin. I wasn’t in the room when he was crying about Austin, “he explained.” Like if a guy shows you his true colors and shows you that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship and he wants to be alone, unfortunately, it was through me that Austin I showed it to him, but I shouldn’t blame him. “

Summer house Bravo airs Monday at 9 pm ET.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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