Pete Davidson is seen with Kim Kardashian’s daughter in a nearby car

Well, it looks like Pete Davidson is getting to know Kim Kardashian’s children after months of reported relationships. At least, that’s what Kim’s eldest child seems to be in the Northwest. According to TMZ, Nordy Pitt and her cousin Penelope were captured on film in a nearby drive with Disik.

Apparently, the short clip was shot in the Gated neighborhood of Scott Disk on Sunday. The footage is a bit blurry. However, Pitt was spotted heading north when he was driving a neon pink, electric MOKE.

People have been debating online whether Northy is sitting on Pete’s lap during the ride. However, considering the distance and quality of the video, we can’t confirm exactly where the answer lies.

Local time reportedly lasted about 30 minutes from 5pm to 5:30 pm, the X-second clip did not include a picture of Penelope, but TMZ said they were told Scott Discus and Courtney Kardashian’s daughter were in the car.

It comes more than two weeks after a cameo appearance on Pete Kim’s Instagram account. One week after a judge ruled that Kim and Kanye were no longer legally married, Kim posted several pictures of the couple dressed and abusing T-shirts. This is the first time that billionaire influencers and entrepreneurs have shared pictures of Pete after months of paparazzi coverage of their apparent dates.

Even a few days later, Kanye went on Instagram to blast Kim for not allowing their children to attend her Sunday service. During the call-out, he mentioned his disagreement with Kim in the northern TikTok presence. However, he also mentioned Pete’s response to his request. At the time, Pete’s writing partner Dave Cyrus shared a text message between Pete and Yee. Pete’s messages, in particular, spoke of Kim’s maternal skills.

“Kim is literally the best mom I’ve ever met.”

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