Pete Davidson returned to the music video to reveal that the films were too long

Pete Davidson returned Live Saturday night After taking a break from shooting his latest movie tonight. Her first bit after returning was a music video, where she rapped about the movies being too long.

The subject is back in the conversation of pop culture courtesy of the new Batman Movie, running time 2h56m.

In the song, dedicated to the “Short-Ass Movie”, Davidson mentions BatmanHe went to see a movie in a theater with the song “I pissed twice in my pants”.

The video features Davidson’s frequent music collaborator Chris Reid and the episode’s musical guest Guna, with short titles highlighting (and recreating) the trio. Lion King, Bad Mothers Austin Powers And Wild wild As well as long movies Once Upon a Time in America, Amadeus And Heat.

Simon Rex is a wonderful guest Ernest P. In the character of Warrell, who is a popular character in several modest length films.

Quartet praises “three minute shorts before each Pixar movie” for being so short before bowling them while watching Pixar’s shorts. Bag.

Davidson’s scientific analysis Jurassic Park And Sex and the City 2Trying to explain why the next one is 20 minutes long.

The video ends with a shot from Davidson’s own film, King of Staten Island, Which is 2h17m.

“But we needed all these minutes,” he said.

We’ll add the video when it’s available.

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