Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ tops Nielsen’s streaming charts, surpassing Netflix’s ‘The Adam’

Pixar’s Going redThe studio’s latest animated feature, which will be re-routed from movie theaters to Disney +, topped Nielsen’s weekly streaming chart when it debuted.

The film garnered 1.7 billion minutes of views, easily far from Netflix The Adam ProjectWhich premiered on the same day (March 11) and drew 1.36 billion minutes to rank 4th.

Netflix’s five-season medieval drama The Last Kingdom And new thriller series Pieces of it Achieved second and third place for the period 7 to 13 March, respectively. Nielsen measures viewing through a TV set for Disney +, Hulu, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

The Adam Project, Which re-created star Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, does not need to be smashed in the United States to prove its worth. It has already been identified as one of the most watched movies on Netflix worldwide According to the company’s self-reported numbers, the film ranks 5th all-time with 227.2 million hours of streaming in the first 28 days.

Similar, same, equivalent Charm (Which stays in the top 10 for about three months after the streaming hit), Going redIts audience was 40% multicultural and 43% ages 2 to 11, per Nielsen. Consistent with the central mythology and legend, its audience was likely to be doubled from the Asian home.

Pieces of it Is based on New York Times Bestseller by Karin Slatter, and from its producers Big small lies And Undo. Filled with twists, the eight-episode drama stars Tony Colette and Bella Heathcote. About 80% of visitors are over 35 and two-thirds of them are women, Nielsen said.

Prime video Great Mrs. MichelleSeason 4 ended streaming on March 11, finishing eighth in the week with 702 million minutes of streaming across 34 episodes.

Here are the full top 10:

Going red (Disney +) – Film, 1.701 billion minutes viewed
The Last Kingdom (Netflix) – 46 episodes, 1.423B minutes.
Pieces of it (Netflix) – 8 eps., 1.415B minutes.
The Adam Project (Netflix) – Film, 1.36B minutes.
Anna invented (Netflix) – 9 eps., 812M min.
Good girls (Netflix) – 44 eps., 790M min.
Charm (Disney +) Movie, 783M Minutes.
Great Mrs. Michelle (Prime Video) – 34 EPS, 702M min.
Love is blind (Netflix) – 25 eps., 689M min.
NCIS (Netflix) – 354 eps., 678M min.

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