Prince Andrew has since used banned titles in deleted Instagram posts

Prince Andrew posts and quickly ex-wife Sarah Ferguson uses Instagram to delete messages with banned HRH headlines

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Royal mistake Prince Andrew Turns out when he takes charge of the ex-wife Sarah FergusonThe service used its royal titles to share memories of his time on Instagram – and despite being banned from doing so.

Prince Ferguson, 62, took command on Saturday, April 2, on the social media account of Andrew, who flew from Portsmouth to the Falklands as a Royal Navy helicopter pilot, in honor of his 40th birthday. (Andrew C. King flew a helicopter and served in the Falklands War.)

The Duke of York – who separated from 62-year-old Ferguson in 1992 after six years of marriage – was asked by his ex-wife in three deleted Instagram messages to reflect on his experiences in the war to commemorate the occasion.

Andrew signed the statement, “written by HRH the Duke of York,” which earlier this year sparked a scandal involving the withdrawal of both his military title and royal duties amid allegations of sexual harassment.

“As I sat at my desk this cold spring morning thinking of April 1982, I tried to think of what was going on in my mind as I flew from Portsmouth to HMS Invisible’s flight deck line,” Prince explained in the first post. “So when I think of a day when a young man went to war, full of courage, I gave back to a changed man. I have given up childish things and false adventures and given back to a man full of knowledge of human weakness and suffering. “

Prince Andrew posted and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson quickly deleted the message with the banned HRH headline using Instagram 2

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The royal, who retired from the service in 2001 after nearly two decades, described being shot on his way to the mission, There was a steady load for a moment before crossing. “

He recalled the “terror” he witnessed that day, noting that it had “a lasting and lasting effect on me.”

Shortly after Ferguson posted the message on behalf of the former Navy pilot, the signature was corrected to remove the “HRH” part of Andrew’s name. After a few hours, the posts are completely removed Slightly red Author’s page.

Andrew initially made headlines in the fall of 2019 for his connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. At that time, Queen Elizabeth IIThere were also allegations of sexual harassment against its second eldest son, which he denied.

In the midst of the scandal, Andrew announced in November 2019 that he was stepping down from his royal duties for the “near future” as his connection to Epstein continued to plague the Crown.

Although the prince was seen at several royal ceremonies, including the funeral of his father, Prince Philip, in April 2021, his ongoing trial remained a problem for the royal family. As a result, in January, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen’s “approval and agreement” had returned Andrew’s “military relations and royal patronage to the Queen.”

The next month the father of two children — the girl who shares Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie With Ferguson – reached an agreement with his sexual harassment accuser Geoffrey of Virginia. He apologized for his relationship with Epstein in a letter to a New York City court at the time.

After the settlement, Andrew, who appeared to be in better shape with his family, took the 95-year-old queen from Windsor Castle to Westminster Abbey on March 29 to attend a memorial service for the late Duke of Edinburgh.

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