Prince Charles did not want Prince Andrew at the Prince Philip Memorial

The quarrel of the royal family? Prince Charles I didn’t see it with my own eyes Queen Elizabeth II When it came Prince AndrewAttendance at the memorial to the late Prince Philip.

Charles, 73, his mother, 95, “disagreed” with Andrew, 62, about whether he should attend the event after his case was settled, a source exclusively said in a new issue. Our weekly. According to insiders, the Prince of Wales was “against” his younger brother joining the rest of the family.

“Elizabeth is annoyed with Prince Charles for giving his opinion where it was not sought,” the source continued, claiming that the king’s future king did not need “instructions on how to conduct”.

Prince Charles was

Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Philip. Shutterstock (3)

Queen Charles and Andrew shared – along Princess Anne And Prince Edward – With her late husband, who died of old age in April 2021 at the age of 99. Last month, the Duke of York took Elizabeth from Windsor Castle to London’s Westminster Abbey for a memorial to honor Philip, almost a year after his death.

More than 1,800 people took part in the service, BBC News reported March 29. Although Elizabeth left with Andrew, she sat next to Charles for the duration of the ceremony. Prince William And Duchess Kate Behind them. The couple brought their eldest two children – Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte – but Prince Louis, 3, was not seen joining them.

The memorial marked Andrew’s first public appearance when he settled his sexual harassment case. Geoffrey of Virginia Giuffre, 38, had previously filed a sexual harassment charge against him in February when he was a minor, prompting Andrew to step down from his royal duties in November 2019.

“I don’t remember ever seeing this lady, either. It never happened, “he claimed in an interview with the BBC at the time, denying Geoffrey’s allegations.

Buckingham Palace was largely quiet about the controversy. However, in January, the firm announced that Andrew’s HRH title would be snatched away.

The following month, when he and Geoffrey reached their undisclosed settlement, a letter was submitted to the U.S. District Court in New York City regarding the outcome of the case, questioning Andrew’s relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

“Prince Andrew would like to make a significant donation to Miss Geoffrey’s charity in support of the victims’ rights,” the letter said. “Prince Andrew never intended to insult Miss Geoffrey’s character, and he acknowledged that he had suffered both as a result of being tortured and unjustly attacked by the public.”

The unscrupulous financier was arrested in August 2019 on federal charges of sex trafficking and committed suicide in prison a month later. Andrew’s letter states that he “regrets his association with Epstein and appreciates the courage of Mrs. Geoffrey and the other survivors to stand up for themselves and others.”

The former Navy commander “hoped to show his remorse for his connection with Epstein by supporting the fight against the evils of sex trafficking and supporting its victims,” ​​the document concludes.

To learn more about the “conflict” within the royal family, watch the video above and take its latest issue Our weekly, Now on the newsstand.

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