Princess Charlotte likes acrobatics, acting, homework: details

One smart cookie! Duchess Kate And Prince WilliamHis 6-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, is a cute baby.

“Charlotte is as sharp and bright as a button,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue. Our weekly. “She is at the top of her class to teach. She really enjoys doing her homework. “

Insiders note that the little one also “likes acrobats and adds a lot to the art and acting”, adding, “Whenever he gets a chance, he’ll do a performance!”

'Top of her class'!  Princess Charlotte loves acrobatics, acting - and homework!

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The princess and her 8-year-old brother, Prince George, are “aware of their privileges,” the source said. Since the Duke, 39, and the Duchess of Cambridge, 40, have “taught them to be beautiful… they do not boast of their position or complicate excellence.” Instead, royal students “treat their peers kindly and equally.”

The couple George, Charlotte and Prince Louis, 3, put them on the world by keeping them “away from social media”. Insiders explained, “Kate and William will not allow their accounts to be kept confidential. They do not agree 100 percent with young children who have social media accounts.”

The Duke and Duchess have hinted at their daughter’s specific interest over the years, with William saying Charlotte believes the unicorns are real during the September 2019 event.

Two years later, the future king shared in the “Time to Walk” finale that his two eldest children were arguing over “no music in the morning” at their home.

“Most mornings there is a massive fight between Charlotte and George,” William explained in December 2021. “And I have to make it a priority now that one day someone will do it and another day someone else’s turn. So George gets her, then Charlotte gets him. That’s the noise for music.”

The family’s initial dance party involved “lots of hip movements” and “dressing up,” he added at the time.

“Charlotte, in particular, is running around the kitchen in her outfit and ballet stuff and everything,” William said. “He went completely crazy trying to do the same thing by following Louis. It’s a really fun moment where kids just enjoy dancing, hanging out and singing. “

Charlotte and her siblings enjoy listening ShakiraIts “Waka Waka,” when their parents prefer AC / DC “Thunderstruck”.

He explained, “There is nothing better when you feel a little uncomfortable after the weekend and try to get back to the weekend. [that song]. It wakes you up perfectly, keeps your week in the best possible mood and makes you feel like you can take anything and anyone. … It’s a hard song not to dance or shake your head with. “

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