Prodigal Taps ‘Kick-Ass’ Producer Tarquin Pack For Film And TV Section – Deadline

Exclusive: Prodigal, Inc., LA-based entertainment company led by Tony Award-nominated producer Arvind Ethan David Cloud pills, Tarkin has hired Pack, co-producer of the film Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, The Date, Stardust And X-Men: First ClassProducer + as head of film and TV.

“Arvind and Prodigal’s team excelled in theater, television, and film – even in tabletop gaming, escape rooms, and audio dramas during the epidemic,” Pack said in a statement. I look forward to actively expanding our presence in the UK and I am thrilled to be able to create the many projects we are currently developing. “

Pack, located outside the United Kingdom, will oversee the development and production of film and TV for Prodigal, including the current Director of Development and Head of Audio, Brittany Chapman.

“The last few years of production in an epidemic have shown us that we could not live up to our promise, but need to change and grow,” David said. “Tarquin is one of the most capable and resilient producers I know, and it’s an exciting step to take Prodigal to the next level by keeping him as a partner in our company’s film slate and international business expansion.”

In addition to working as the main producer Jagad Little Pill – which has followed his Broadway engagement with productions in Australia, the UK and the US – works across David and Prodigal Television (by Neil Gaiman) Anansi Boys At Amazon, Holistic Detective Agency of Dark Gentle Movies for Netflix and BBC America (Evening fog garden For HBO), and audio (audible) Neil Gaiman at the end of the universe), As well as table-top games (Frankenstein’s mother)

Includes Prodigal’s upcoming TV project Future violence and fancy suitsBased on David Ong’s best-selling book series by Brian Duffield, set in the studio of Circle of Confusion / ITV; The highest houseA TV adaptation of a graphic novel by Peter Gross and Mike Kerry (Lucifer(Show and co-author Gabriel Stanton)Summer I turned beautiful) And Nick Bragg (100); As well as an untitled music-driven project on Triaster TV.

Featured, Prodigal has a first-look deal with Warner Media and a production partnership with JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot, focusing on music-driven stories. Prodigal recently closed a partnership with Raymond Chandler Estate to bring iconic detective Philip Marlowe into the world of graphic novels and tabletop gaming.

Prodigal Brechen Feldman has been replaced by Richard Thompson of Bremer Silver & Thompson. Ruskind presents the Turquoise Pack at WME.

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