Rashad Ernesto Green MGM, participant and live Olympian feature set for ’68

Premature Filmmaker Rashad Ernesto Green will direct Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), participant and macro feature film ’68 Inspired by the true story of Olympians Tommy Smith and John Carlos. State track athletes from San Jose became Olympic medalists and activists at the 1968 Games in Mexico City. It was there that they both raised their fists in support of solidarity and human rights.

Screenplay Oscar-nominated author Billy Ray. Participants including Stacey Sherman and MACRO will create the project.

Participants will be included ’68 Its ongoing impact in the work dedicated to civil rights and social justice. Carlos’ nephew, Arian and Shawn McCoy, and Tommy Smith’s wife, Delois Smith, are co-producing.

The Bronx-born filmmaker Green won the Independent Spirit One to Watch Award in 2020 for his second feature directing. Premature, Which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival for review. Shot entirely in 18mm film in Harlem, New York, the movie is currently playing in Hulu. His first movie, Song Hill Road, Was nominated by the Grand Jury at Sundance. Green is represented by WME and Granderson Des Rochers.

Ray wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay Captain Phillips And other notable films Richard Jewel, Overlord, The Hunger Games, State of Play, BreachAnd Broken glassAs well as showtime’s Less rules, Among others. He is represented by the CAA.

“Still incredibly strong and relevant, I am honored to have the opportunity to bring Tommy and John’s Riting story to life; It took determination, courage and sacrifice on their part to portray the weight of the world on the shoulders of these two giants and to stand up for all of us, “said Green.

Michael de Luca, Chairman, MGM Film Group and Pam Abdi, President, MGM Film Group said, “We are thrilled to have Rashad Ernesto Green lead this special film. Olympian Tommy Smith said he and fellow Olympian John Carlos had to see ‘because we couldn’t hear.’ The courage and selflessness of these two extraordinary men, who literally lined up their lives to stand up for the right and the truth, stand as evidence of the essential need to speak the truth to the authorities. We are deeply grateful to Tommy and John, Rashad, Stacey, Billy, participants and Macro for giving MGM the responsibility of bringing their story to the world. “

“Participants are proud to work with Olympians Tommy Smith and John Carlos and their historic protest story to work with Rashad, Stacey, Billy, MGM and Macro,” said David Linde, CEO of Participants. “At a time when the right to protest peacefully is under attack, this could not be a better opportunity to tell the story of these brave men.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Rashad Ernesto Green and MGM and the participating team to bring this incredible story to the screen,” said Charles D. King, Founder and CEO, Macro 7 “The moment Tommy Smith and John Carlos took the podium and raised their fists to create a tremendous impact of change that still resonates today and now listeners around the world will understand the true level of their adventure.”

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