Ricky Gervais finds the ultimate fun in Will Smith’s Oscar ban – Deadline

Leave it to comedian Ricky Gervais for the last laugh in the generally unusual Will Smith story.

The response to Smith’s 10-year ban from the Academy of Motion Pictures was mixed, with some calling it mild and supporters calling it appropriate, Garvis said.

He took it after the fine was announced on Friday Twitter With his own comments about the move: “Hopefully, he will pass only 6 years with good behavior.

Earlier, Gervais said Chris Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair was “like the funniest joke I’ve ever told.”

When people frequently asked the Globe host what would happen to him in the same situation, he replied, “Nothing.”

“It simply came to our notice then. I used to tell a joke about her boyfriend. “(Pinkett Smith says she was” in a relationship “with a younger man when she and Smith broke off their relationship in 2020.)

For Pinkett Smith’s hair – she suffers from alopecia, which occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing uneven hair loss – and Rock’s joke, Garvis said, “Someone said it was joking about his disability.”

The comedian’s answer?

Pointing to her hair in the video chat, she said, “Well, I’m getting a little thin, I’m disabled. “I can park next to Tesco now [in disabled parking]. I’m fat. It is a disease. I’m fat and bald. “

Tom Tap contributed to this report.

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