Rooster Teeth and WarnerMedia Access founded ‘Roster Teeth Digital Creators’

Cock Teeth and WarnerMedia have announced access Cock Teeth Digital Creator Program – A new initiative designed to identify and develop aspiring and emerging digital content creators with a focus on diverse, equitable, and inclusive representation. Submissions will open next month and the inaugural program will begin this fall. Interested applicants can register here.

The Roaster Teeth Digital Creators program provides a platform for new audiences to present their tools and opportunities to succeed as a content creator. Program participants will be mentored and trained by the Rooster Teeth and WarnerMedia Access team.

“In entertainment, digital is considered the most equal playing field and because of that, we have seen less proactive initiatives to increase diversity. The truth is that digital creators face the same challenges that plague all aspects of entertainment and are often the least supported, “said Jeju Gilory, head of Rooster Teeth at Casting and Talent Strategy. “The Roster Teeth Digital Creators program will bring more equity to digital entertainment by increasing the representation of unprepared talents and providing them with the right tools and opportunities to shine.”

The Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program will run for three months, with two months of digital mentorship and training, followed by a one-month apprenticeship at Rooster Teeth’s studio in Austin, Texas. The program is open to creators who are passionate about sports, pop culture, comedy, gaming and animation. Eligible applicants must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers / followers but not more than 300,000 subscribers / followers and cannot download a minimum of 1,000 per episode for podcasters on all platforms (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Snap and Facebook). A panel of roster Teeth executives will select eight participants for the annual program in partnership with executives across the Warnermedia Access Team and Warnermedia Content Portfolio.

“One of the many strengths of WarnerMedia Access is that we work across the enterprise and connect talent with a wide range of opportunities. Our deep connection with the community and advocacy groups, HBCUs and a number of low-performing talent organizations enables us to be more intentional and effective with our promotion, ”said Karen Horn, SVP, Equity and Inclusion, Warnermedia. “The Digital Creators program is another great initiative in our pipeline program suite and we are thrilled to be partnering with Rooster Teeth on an innovative project aimed at expanding digital content creators.”

The curriculum focuses on developing skills for professional careers as an on-camera digital content creator. Participants will choose a track to create and create content with mentorship from Rooster Teeth and other WarnerMedia creative teams. Participants will receive education and training in production, marketing, business development, technical skills, content development, branded content and partnerships, essay workshops, improv training, media training and more.

Participants will also have the opportunity to shade the production of rooster teeth on set; Attended guest appearances on-camera Rooster Teeth and Warnermedia productions; Access tools for video, audio, streaming, recording and editing; And more Austin accommodation and a weekly stipend.

The program will culminate in a talent showcase event, where participants will see the work of industry execs across the WarnerMedia portfolio. At the end of the three-month program, some participants will be eligible to receive an offer for a 1-year Rooster Teeth Talent contract.

Guillory will present the Digital Creators program on WarnerMedia’s equity and inclusion panel at WarnerMedia SXSW House on Saturday 12 March. Sign up now ( to receive notifications when the online application opens in the coming months.

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