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Russian dolls Season 2 introduces a new era in Netflix comedy, which also speaks to the crisis of Nadia’s (Natasha Leon) new life. Leon and co-producer / EP Amy Pohler talk about the upcoming season on a deadline competing panel on Saturday.

In Season 1, Nadia repeats her birthday every time she dies. In Season 2, he returns on time.

“Season 1 is about a character who comes from Nihilism and [being] A lone wolf, a connection and so on, finding a way out, “said Leon. And what does it mean to have a meaningful life as a participant in society? “

Leon, who co-created the show and executive production, wrote and directed several Season 2 episodes. Leon’s achievement with deep delving into the bending premise during Poehler Russian dolls.

“Season 2 is about Natasha’s writing and performance going really deep,” Pohler said. “The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Everyone is going down a little, getting a little deeper, digging. We’re trying to figure out what that little last piece is.

Leon mentions the philosophy of Guru Ram Das. Time travel, he said Russian dolls andEach presents luggage carried from their past.

“It’s almost impossible in the present moment that they’ll pitch you into therapy and self-help books while you’re obsessed with the past,” Leon said. “You go through life and throw all the discomfort in the back seat. Then you slam the break and it all collapses in front. “

Nadia has to adapt to the ill health of her adoptive mother Ruth (Elizabeth Ashley). Relying on Nadia to become his caretaker’s caretaker when he goes to the past.

“The pain of growing up became our guardian, it seemed so universal in the end,” Leon said. “I don’t think Nadia really has the ability to show for this current event, maturity in a way.”

Leon added that if Season 1 took the groundhog day time loop, he wanted Season 2 to approach time travel differently than the popular Back to the Future. Leon credits author Alison Silverman for recommending the book RelativesWhich is being adapted as an FX series

In real life, Leon said he could go back to the feelings of his youth if he found himself in a triggering situation.

“Because we have these unresolved questions embedded just below our consciousness, we can go into a room and the air changes,” Leon said. “Suddenly I was in 5th grade and why are they making fun of me? I was wearing these sunglasses so I had these exploding eyes from stress. Isn’t this also time travel? We are doing it all the time. ”

Production was also delayed in season 2 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Pohler said the two-year lockdown has affected everyone’s sense of time.

“I’m sure people are thinking before COVID,” Pohler said. “Was that two years ago, five years ago? 2021, was it last year? We are everywhere now. That feeling, that almost nostalgia and homesick feeling and nausea comes when time starts to turn.

Russian dolls Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on April 20.

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