Shawn Penn appeared on MSNBC and Fox News to talk about support for Ukraine –

Actor Sean Penn spoke with MSNBC and Fox News to discuss what is happening on Ukrainian soil and support for the country.

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Penn was shooting in Ukraine Documentary for Vice About the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, and while there the President met with Vladimir Zelensky. As things began to escalate, Penn had to leave the country and finally report that he was Located in Poland.

This evening, the actor appeared in person on Shawn Hannity’s show titled “Hannity” to be engaged in the conversation. Hannity began by mentioning how the two first came in contact.

“I got your first phone call,” Hannity began. “Do you remember what you told me first?”

“I said, ‘I don’t believe you,'” Penn replied. “But we have to move on with our lives … We all talk about how divided things are, how divided they are here. When you set foot in the land of incredible unity, you realize what we have lost. I don’t think I’ve had time to indulge my lack of faith, which becomes a small thing. These people are fighting for the dreams and aspirations of all of us Americans. “

Penn goes into more detail when he gives a detailed account of the documentary he was working on and what he saw while in Ukraine. “In it, I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before,” Penn said. “It is clear to me that the Ukrainians will win. The question is at what price. “

In MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”, he praised President Zelensky and how he managed to keep everything together despite the fierce fighting on Ukrainian soil.

“[Zelenskyy] Many Ukrainian faces. And yet, it is not conceivable that he knew the day before that he would really be able to rise, “Penn told O’Donnell.” This is the kind of leadership we hope for. That we must be able to get [to the United States], Which is a kind of populist lap dance of a nation at this time on the border. Together we must get back on track and realize that Ukraine, with all its diversity, has a unity we have never seen in modern times with a challenge. “

Just before the Academy Awards in March, Penn visited CNN and told news presenter Jim Acosta that if Oscar did not invite President Zelensky to speak, he would smell his Oscar.

“If this is seen happening, I would encourage everyone involved, although it may be their moment and I understand that, to celebrate their films, it is their moment to shine, and to protest and boycott that Academy Awards,” Penn said. “I myself, if it comes back, when I come back, I will find my scent in public. I pray that it will not happen.”

Although the Ukrainian president did not speak to the Oscar crowd, he appeared at the Grammys with a pre-taped message.

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