“She’ll be fine” – deadline

Hoopi Goldberg today asked and answered his own question about Will Smith’s future, practically turning a blind eye while reading the set-up question of Smith’s career hot topic discussion.

“There are some questions about Will Smith’s future plans,” Goldberg said after reading the introduction. “The question is, does he have a way back?” After laughing at his own question, he quickly followed up with a dismissal, “Yeah, of course he does. He’ll be fine. He’ll be back. Don’t worry.”

Different from last week See The episodes, when Goldberg, a member of the Academy’s Board of Governors and former Oscar host, had a lengthy discussion about Smith’s Chris Rock slap, he and the rest See The panel seems tired of seeing tired things today and has moved forward fairly quickly.

After Goldberg’s role, co-host Anna Navarro said, “I’m tired of talking about this. I want to slap myself.” Become.

“He had a career of over 30 years,” Navarro Smith continued, “where he had a very positive image, he was a positive role model, he was very philanthropic, he did all sorts of things – judging any of us by our worst moments.” Not right. ”

Smith resigned from the academy last week.

See today’s See The bottom part.

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