‘SNL’ Address Will Smith, Chris Rock Oscar Slap: Video

About a week later Will Smith Slap Chris Rock At the Oscars, Live Saturday night Enter the conversation.

“I have a question – do you want to talk about it? Aren’t you sick of talking about it? Isn’t it kind of crazy? Looks like I’ve been talking about it for so long.” Jarrod Carmichael On Saturday, April 2, during the single drama of the long-running Variety series, he dealt with the situation without directly mentioning those involved. “Can you believe it happened six days ago? [ago]? Doesn’t it seem to have happened years ago? Like, doesn’t it feel like when we were all in high school?

He continued: “It seems like we’ve been living our whole lives. It happened on Sunday! Sunday! It’s Saturday, brother.… If it were Monday, you can’t keep me quiet about it. I’ll talk about it all Monday.” Speaking of Tuesday, still talking about it – a little less exciting because it stopped being about it by Tuesday. It started with a lot of proxy arguments. [about] Hair, black men and white people on Twitter.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Oscars for 'Saturday Night Live' jokes: 'Nation needs to be healed'
NBC / YouTube

The Rothanial The comedian, 34, then announced that he had finished talking about the incident between Thursday and Friday until the show suggested working on his Saturday set.

“Then, Learn [Michaels] Came to my dressing room. He said, ‘I think you need to talk about it. The nation needs to be healed, “Carmichael, who came out as a homosexual during his HBO special this month, joked.” I said, ‘What does the nation need? And you want me to do that? I have no idea. ‘

The Carmichael show Alum’s was not alone at that time SNL – Which is characterized by a musical performance Guna – Oscar joked about the encounter. During a “seat filler” sketch, Cast parodies events with Will Smith (Chris Red) Talking to Seat Filler (Carmichael) during Rock’s speech. When Carmichael’s character eagerly asked Red’s Smith for a selfie, the situation took a turn for the worse after the slap.

“No, that’s fine, no, I’ve deleted my phone,” Carmichael added Saturday.

Colin Joast The incident also touched during Saturday’s “Weekend Update” segment, a parallel image of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

That is what the intelligence officials are saying Vladimir Putin “The Russian military is being misinformed by its advisers about how badly it is performing in Ukraine.” Tom Jerry Actor, 39, d. “Like Will Smith’s agent telling him, ‘You crushed it at the Oscars!'”

Jost added that, from his point of view, Smith’s actions were “disrespectful” and “set a terrible precedent for protecting your wife on the awards show.”

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Oscars for 'Saturday Night Live' jokes: 'Nation needs to be healed'
NBC / YouTube

On the March 27 awards show, Rock, 57, did a joke Jada Pinkett Smith – Who has alopecia – is acting GI Gen2, Mentioning his shaved head. In response, Smith, 53, got up on the stage and slapped the comedian in the face, before returning to his front row seat, and shouted, “Keep my wife’s name away from your king’s mouth!”

Although some viewers thought the moment had been scripted, Rock was visibly shaken. The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air Alum addressed the event in his emotionally acclaimed speech after winning the Best Actor trophy for the lead role. King Richard.

“I would like to apologize to the academy. I would like to apologize to all my fellow nominated candidates. … Art mimics life: I look like a crazy dad. Just as they say about Richard Williams”Smith said through tears, referring to Fri. And Serena Williams‘Dad and Coach, in whose biopic he starred. “But love will drive you crazy. Thank you for this moment. And thank you to Richard and the whole Williams family. Thanks. I hope the academy will invite me again. “

A day later, the “summer” rapper apologized more directly to Rock. “All forms of violence are toxic and destructive,” Smith wrote via Instagram on Monday, March 26th. “My behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and unforgivable. I publicly apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed and my actions do not indicate who I am. “

Several comedians have criticized Smith for hitting the comedian, including an Oscar colleague. Wanda Sykes. “I was just like, ‘What? Is this really happening?’ Old Christine’s new adventure alum, 58, said his Wednesday, March 30, appearance time Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I just felt terrible for my friend Chris, and he was sick; It was absolutely sick. I feel physically ill and I’m still a little bit hurt by it. “

Sykes further revealed that when he ran to the rock after the show, he apologized to her for the work that he had printed, Amy Schumer And Regina Hall The evening was kept in cohosting.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Oscars for 'Saturday Night Live' jokes: 'Nation needs to be healed'
NBC / YouTube

40 years old Life and Beth The star, for her part, said she was still processing what was revealed during the show. “I think we can all agree that the best way to unpack what happened is to stream my series @lifeandbethhulu and see me on tour this autumn,” Schumer wrote via Instagram on Wednesday. “But in reality. Still triggered and traumatized. … I love my friend @KrisRock and believe he has managed it like a professional.

After describing the whole situation as “disturbing”, he concluded: “There is so much pain in that Willsmith. However, I am still shocked and shocked and sorry.”

Smith resigned from the academy before their board meeting later this month, where they are ready to discuss the possible consequences of his actions. Rock, for his part, broke his silence on a standup gig earlier this week, noting that he was “still processing” what happened.

Live Saturday night NBC airs Saturday at 11:30 pm ET.

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