‘SNL’ parody infamous Oscar slap from Will Smith’s perspective – Deadline

It was probably inevitable – Live Saturday night At the Oscars, Will Smith and Chris Rock had their own interpretations of the conflict. The skit didn’t show the slap, instead Chris Reid, played by host Jarrod Carmichael during Chris Rock’s speech, who is having a conversation with Seat Filler, starring Will Smith.

The chat begins with Seat Filler expressing his admiration for “my hero” Smith, telling the Hollywood star that The pursuit of happiness Inspired by her and “Gettin ‘Jiggy Wit” is her ringtone and asking for a selfie, which Reds Smith obeys. While she was receiving compliments from her fans and preparing her phone for a seat filler selfie, Reds Smith said “I’ll be right back, man” and left. A slap on the head (but not seen) because the compliment on the seat filler’s face turns into fear.

When Reds Smith returns to his seat, nothing seems to have happened, and Rock continues to shout in the now infamous line, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth,” Carmichael’s seat filler will have nothing. That. She doesn’t want to take selfies anymore.

A co-seat filler, played by Kyle Mooney, joins, misses the attack and, while checking Twitter, quickly realizes the events, he and his friend become increasingly uncomfortable as Red’s Smith engages in conversation with them and even tries. In a line on them he prepared for his Best Actor speech, “Richard Williams was a terrible protector of his family.”

When King Richard The star asks the boys, “What more can I say?”, Muni replies. “Love forces you to do crazy things.” Red’s Smith liked the suggestion and offered to give the author credit, diminishing Seat Filler’s respect.

“The last few years, Kovid has been crazy about zoom meetings, Red table talk“The talk show hosted by Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith is a reference,” said Reds Smith.

Getin starts playing “Gigi Wit It”, and Red’s Smith gets up to dance, recreating the original Will Smith moves at the post-Oscar party in the video.

“Everything is normal!” Reds Smith shouts.

If the story is available, we will update it with a video of the skit.

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