‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ hits box office 50M +, ‘Ambulance’ shuts down – Deadline

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, The sequel to the last big blockbuster before the epidemic, Opens this weekend, with an estimated opening of $ 50 million-plus and possibly সহ 60M, leaving an uninterrupted flow of dollars in the theater marketplace.

The first movie in February 2020 broke the video game feature adaptation curse for the genre, winning মন 58M in 3 days, $ 70M over four, and die-hard fans of the Sega character. When a new franchise landed, Paramount was not going to make a fuss for a second time and kept director Jeff Fowler as well as screenwriters Pat Casey and John Miller with John Whittington.

Idris Elba and Tales, voices of Colin O’Shaughnessy, the iconic voiceover performer in video games, voiced extended partnerships for the sequel to the expansion of the Sonic Universe with Knox characters. That last part of the casting goes a long way with Sonic fans.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 4,232 booked in theaters. The movie has some PLF. There are less than 700 fan events tonight and the preview will start tomorrow at 3pm. There’s a lot of love for property here, so a lot of confidence for Friday’s sequel where there’s spring break, where K-12 is 15% out of school, as well as comScore per 4% pf college.

Sonic 2 It has already raised 30M overseas from 31 markets, with 22 more debuts this weekend, including Latin America, Italy and Korea. Rotten Tomatoes reviews are now 66% fresh, a little more than 63% of the first photo. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Last night’s world premiere took place in the same place as the first film – at the Village Regency Theater in Westwood – and it was a Deja Vu experience two years ago with the presence of several video game vultures and explosive merriment, especially with those last credits.


When Sonic the Hedgehog Targeting 16-25 year old boys and girls, doing Universal Counterprogramming, looking at older men with the Michael Bay action movie Ambulance. However, the movie is not going to save any life at the box office, seeing the $ 8M- $ 12M start (some speculators believe that the movie starring Jake Gillenhall, Yahya Abdul-Matin II and Iza Gonzalez will not be able to crack double digits). That’s too bad, because we could use an extra layer of depth at the box office. Not as brutal as the review 355, Universal’s last action, 69% to 24% rotten. 355 Jessica Chastain-Penelope Cruz-Diane Kruger-Lupita Nyong also died at the domestic box office with $ 14.5M after spending $ 20M on a studio for Spy Ensemble.

Ambulance It is a co-production between New Republic Pictures, Bay Films, Endeavor Content and Project X Entertainment and is based on the 2005 Danish film of the same name by Loris Manch-Petersen and Lars Andreas Pedersen. The film follows the decorated veteran Will Sharp (Abdul-Matin), who is desperate for money to pay for his wife’s medical bills. She seeks help from someone she knows she shouldn’t — her adopted brother Danny (Gillenhall). A charismatic career criminal, Danny instead offers him a score: the biggest bank robbery in Los Angeles history. But when their escape route is drastically misdirected, the desperate brothers hijack an ambulance and take the life of an injured policeman and paramedic Cam Thompson (Gonzalez) on board. What we need to happen here. Showtime starts at 7pm on Thursday and Uni has all the IMAX auditoriums for it.

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The widest is A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Everything, Roughly 1,200 from 38 sites. The Outlook for The Daniels movie is $ 4M, 97% Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and calculates মঙ্গলবার 1.36M from Tuesday, the 12th day of its release.

Within five days, Sony / Marvel’s Morbius না Calculates 43.8M. After a low performance in No. 1 starting at $ 39M, check out the Jared Leto Vampire Movie Weekend 2 for a 65% discount with about $ 13M. Despite Morbius Where the tracking is coming under it watching, make no mistake, the exhibition is not going to swat away an opening like that.

The highest-grossing movie in North America in the last 3 decades

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