Sony Pictures Television, Game Show Network Team for the First Joint Upfront Pitch;

Sony Pictures Television is teaming up with Corporate Vibon Game Show Network for the company’s first joint advance presentation to advertisers.

The power of live viewing and game shows will be the two main areas of focus for brand integration, an announcement said. Like in addition to staples Danger And some new programming, pitch will also feature Good doctorOff-network syndication is a marquee Sony property coming to market in September.

The Game Show Network, a highly penetrating linear channel with an active digital presence, says it has grown by 32% over last year’s 2020 level, reaching 350 hours of core programming. In an on-demand world, most of what it puts in the air is seen live, which the network sees as an advantage. Its the most viewed title People are puzzlersHosted series based on Leah Remini People Magazine crossword puzzle. Other staples included America says, Master Minds And Chain response.

Another show currently in development Switch, A trivia game based on a Belgian series at DIGA Studios, the companies said. The show, which is based on a layout developed by Panenka and licensed by Lineup Industries BV, is also being produced and developed in many global regions.

Sony also produces top-rated syndicated game shows Danger And Wheel of fortune. With the boy in front of the series Good doctor Includes company portfolio SWAT, Goldberg, King of Queens And Seinfeld.

“Our clients are constantly looking for continuity and they can expect it from us,” said Stuart Zimmerman, EVP of advertising sales for SPT and GSN. “We offer our viewers a safe haven from these incredibly popular game shows and sitcoms, which translate the message of our advertisers into a reliable and trustworthy environment. In short, our audience is accepting and engaged. “

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