Spice console fans after losing the Grammy Award for Best Reggae album

One thing about the Caribbeans, they are strict for themselves! So, imagine the shock of the fans one after another, four black reggae artists were dropped at the 2022 Grammy for awarding prizes to a predominantly white band based in Virginia. Finally, the band won the 2022 Award for ‘Best Reggae Album’ among Soldier of the Jah Army (SOJA) nominees Shawn Paul, Grampus Morgan, Itana and Spice. After the straightforward win, Spice addressed the annoyed fans via an Instagram post.

Upset fans

Friends don’t cry we’ve come a long way. Remember I’ve been homeless so far so I’m still very humble and grateful, I see all your support and frustration but you know we’ll never give up, we’ll be back in it tomorrow, “Spice wrote to her 3.9 million followers. “I love you all so much, look at the little Gracie Pan Grammy red carpet.”

Here’s how Spice’s comments section looks after the loss:

“You deserved that victory. You have been robbed, “wrote @_chocolate_desire.

“Caribbean pirates snatch our Gracie,” @ blessingsjoy35

“They kidnapped you Queen. Why can’t they recognize the real Jamaican artist? Smh. You are the real winner,” @thespicy0ne wrote.

Spice’s musical history

If Spice had won in her nominated category, Dancehall Queen would have made history! Her first nomination for Best Reggae album stemmed from her debut album 10, Which was produced by Caribbean legend Shaggy. Published in August 2021, the project has done extremely well Billboards Reggae album chart. 10 Landing at number six, per New York Times.

But before Americans get a real taste of Dancehall Queen, most West Indian natives can talk to Spice’s music connoisseurs. But for Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, the musical journey began at 17.

At the time, she was auditioning for a huge one-day, Jamaican basement called the Sting Festival. After four audition songs and a preacher gives him a slot and Spice is born. This leads to regular performance gigs at dance hall festivals and parties. By 2003, Now Reports that Spice has begun traveling across the Caribbean, Europe and the United States.

Nearly six years later, his single ‘Romping Shop’ remains with the Vibiz Cartel Billboards Chart for 15 weeks. She rose to number 14 on the reggae chart with her first EP ‘So Mi Like It’. By 2018, Spice has made a name for itself on reality television by joining ‘Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’. He blessed fans in 2018 with the ‘Captured’ mixtape, which rose to number one on that reggae album chart.

A win for White Rage artists

But numbers, experience and lethal performances were not enough for Spice to win this year’s Grammys. Instead, Sojour won his seventh studio album, Beauty in the Silence. Per Bet, This is the first time a predominantly white, reggae band has secured this album award. Adding the category almost 37 years ago, SOJA’s victory is now the third time a non-Jamaican individual or group has won.

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