Spring premiere date for new and returning series on Broadcast, Cable, Streaming

Spring has come, and fresh TV is on. For those who are waiting for something new on your screen, here is an annual list of season premiere dates for new and returning series. It covers more than 175 broadcast, cable, and streaming programs that debuted in all-day episodes between April 1 and June 15, but did not include films or specials other than the award show. Please send any additions or adjustments to [email protected]. We will update the list regularly as more dates are published.

April 1:
The Last Bus (Netflix, new sci-fi / comedy series)
Trivia Quest (Netflix, the new interactive series)
Organize with home edit (Netflix, Season 2)
Slow horse (Apple TV +, new drama series)
Doug Unplugged (Apple TV +, Season 2B)
External (Prime Video, New Comedy Series)
Lux List Sydney (Prime Video, Season 2)
The groom (Grindr, new comedy series)

April 3:
64th Grammy Awards (CBS, Live Awards Special; Postponed from 31 January)
Saints and sinners (Bounce TV, Season 6; Final Season)
The final moment (Oxygen, new documentary)
Fixer (BYUtv, Season 3)

April 4:
Invisible pilot (HBO / HBO Max, new documentaries)
Exhale long slow breaths (Spectrum Originals, New Drama Series)
Mud, sweat and beard (USA Network, New Documentary)
AfroPoP: The ultimate cultural exchange (World Channel, Season 14)
Harry Wilde (Acorn TV, new drama series)

April 6:
Hardy Boys (Hulu, Season 2)
Ultimatum (Netflix, the new unscripted series)
Body part (TLC, New Documentation)
The Rise of the Shield Hero (Crunchyroll, Season 2)
The Greatest Demon Lord is reborn as an ordinary person (Crunchyroll, the new anime series)
Heartland (BYUtv, Season 14)

April 6:
Tokyo Vice (HBO Max, New Documentary)
Senjo: Killing a soccer star (Netflix, new documentaries)
Serve Hampton (Discovery +, the new unscripted series)
Too close (HBO Max, Season 3)
Laura Pausini: Nice to meet you (Prime Video, New Italian Unscripted Series)
American Gangster: Trap Queens (BET +, Season 3)
Cursed Movies (Shake, Season 2)
My little pony: Tell your story (YouTube, New Animated Series)
Skeleton Knight in another world (Crunchyroll, the new anime series)
The Dawn of the Witch (Crunchyroll, the new anime series)

April 8:
iCarly (Paramount +, Season 2)
Woke up (Hulu, Season 2)
Green eggs and ham (Netflix, Season 2)
The elite (Netflix, Season 5)
Do, Re & Mi Birdie Bowl Sing-Along (Prime Video, New Children’s Animated Series)
A black lady sketch show (HBO, Season 3)
Kagua-sama: Love is war – very romantic (Crunchyroll, Season 3)
A live date IV (Crunchyroll, Season 4)

April 9:
Repair shop (Discovery +, Season 5)
Hell portal (Travel Channel / Discovery +, Season 4)
Shikimori is not just a beauty (Crunchyroll, the new anime series)
Spy X family (Crunchyroll, the new anime series)

April 10:
Building route (Discovery +, new documentaries)
61st street (AMC +, new drama series)

April 11:
Chad (TBS, new comedy series)
Bake or break (Food Network / Discovery +, new competition series)

April 12:
Hampton (Discovery +, new drama series)
Unsold house (HGTV, Season 2)
The Creature Case (Netflix, the new children’s animated series)

April 13:
Our great national park (Netflix, new documentaries)
High design with Kim Miles (Discovery +, new documentaries)
Munshinars: American Spirit (Discovery, new documentary)
Hey Rookie: Welcome to the NFL (ESPN2, new documentary)

April 14:
Garcাসas (HBO Max, new comedy series)
Kardashians (Hulu, new documentary)
It’s murder (Peacock, new comedy series)
Fairwood (Crackle, new comedy series)

April 15:
Come dance with me (CBS, New Competition Series)
Roar (Apple TV +, New Anthropology Series)
Anatomy of a scandal (Netflix, new drama series)
Outer range (Prime video, new serial drama)
Judgment (Prime video, new serial drama)
Handicraft Hotel (Discovery +, New Documentary)

April 16:
USFL opening game (Fox / NBC / Peacock, Live Sports Special)

April 17:
First lady (Showtime, New Anthropology Drama Series)
90 day engagement (TLC, Season 9)
Annika (PBS, new series)

April 18:
Good call Saul (AMC / AMC +, Season 6; Final Season)
Celebrity IOU (HGTV, Season 3)
Hidden assets (Season 1 of Acorn TV, Irish Drama Series)

April 19:
The deadliest catch (Discovery, Season 18)
Mayans MC (FX, Season 4)
Pacific Rim: Black (Netflix, Season 2; Final Season)

April 20:
Russian dolls (Netflix, Season 2)
Sold (Netflix, new drama series)
All on the table (Discovery +, new competition series)
The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans (Paramount +, Season 3)
2022 Professional Fighter League (ESPN, New Season)

April 21:
Airmen (HBO Max, Season 2)
Control your carbon (Discovery +, new documentaries)
Windy City Rehab (HGTV / Discovery +, Season 2B)
Ultimate Cowboy Showdown (INSP, Season 3)

April 22:
Gentleman Jack (HBO, Season 2)
A very British scandal (Prime Video, Season 2)
Long game: Bigger than basketball (Apple TV +, new documentaries)
They call me magic(Apple TV +, new documentaries)
Sell ​​the sunset
(Netflix, Season 5)
Revealed: Once a murderer (Discovery +, new documentaries)
Small big world (Discovery +, New Documentary)

April 23:
Heartland Docks, DVM (Nat Geo Wild, Season 4)
A couple of cuckoos (Crunchyroll, the new anime series)

April 24:
Barry (HBO, Season 4)
Baby (HBO, New Horror Comedy Series)
The Man Who Fall to Earth (Showtime, new series)
Gaslit (Starz, new series)
Billy the little one (Apex, new drama series)
Hometown Kickstart (HGTV, new documentary)
Three busy Debra (Adult Swimming / HBO Max, Season 3)
America’s Celebrity Edition’s Worst Cuisine: It’s the 90s (Food Network / Discovery +, Season 2)
Inside meals with Rhett & Link (Food Network, New Documentary)

April 25:
We The owner of this town (HBO, New Drama Limited Series)
Radford Buildings (Discovery +, new documentaries)
FBN Prime (Fox Business Network, Season 2)

April 26:
Billy the little one (Apex, new drama series)

April 26:
Sketchbook (Disney +, new educational series)

April 28:
Opportunity (Paramount +, New Drama Limited Series)
Under the banner of heaven (Hulu, new drama series)
Bang Bang Baby (Prime Video, New Italian Drama Series)
2022 NFL draft (ESPN / ABC, Live Sports Special)

April 29:
Ozark (Netflix, Season 4B; Final Season)
Grace and Frankie (Netflix, Season 7B; Final Season)
Bright girls (Apple TV +, new drama series)
Undo (Prime Video, Season 2)
I love that for you (Showtime, New Comedy Series)
Ten percent (Sundance Now and AMC +, the new British comedy series)
Last drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs (Shake, Season 4)

April TBA:
Don Lemon Show (CNN +, new talk show series)

May 1:
Vice (Showtime, Season 3)
Geoway (Showtime, Season 2)
Ridley Road (PBS, Season 1 of British Drama Series)
The real housewife of Atlanta (Bravo, Season 14)
Welcome Home Nicki Glaser? (E !, New Unscripted Series)

May 2:
What does Lil John want to do? (HGTV, new documentary)

May 3:
Holly Molly (ABC, Season 4)
Chase (ABC, Season 2)
Who do you trust?? (ABC, the new mystery-solving series)
The privacy of the Skinwalker Ranch (History Channel, Season 3)

May 5:
Star Trek: Strange New World (Paramount +, new drama series)
Girls 5 Eva (HBO Max, Season 2)
Pentaverate (Netflix, new comedy series)
Clark (Netflix, new drama series)
Big Con (Apple TV +, new documentaries)
Stairs (HBO Max, New Drama Limited Series)

May 7:
Tehran (Apple TV +, Season 2)
The Wilds (Prime Video, Season 2)
Subjugation: Inheritance (IMDb TV, new drama series)
Love Match Atlanta (Bravo, new unscripted series)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (The Gizmoplex, Season 13)

May 9:
Candy (Hulu, New Drama Limited Series)
BBQ quarrel (Food Network, Season 3)

May 11:
Challenge: All-Stars (Paramount +, Season 3)

May 13:
Senior year (Netflix, new comedy series)
Essex Snake (Apple TV +, new drama series)

May 17:
The Future Diary (Netflix, New Reality Series)

May 19:
Angelin (Peacock, New Drama Limited Series)
Ipcress file (AMC +, the new British drama series)

May 20:
Night sky (Prime video, new serial drama)
Now and then (Apple TV +, new drama series)
Harriet the Spy (Apple TV +, Season 1B)

May 26:
OB-One Kenobi (Disney +, new drama series; moved May 25)
Stranger Things (Netflix, Season 4A)

May 30:
Theodore Roosevelt (History Channel, New Drama Short Series)
Biography: Bobby Brown (A&E, New Documentary Miniseries)

May 31:
America has talent (NBC, Season 17)
Dance with yourself (NBC, New Competition Series)
Tom Swift (The CW, New Drama Series)
Pistol (Hulu, New Drama Limited Series)
Bobby Brown: Every little step (A&E, New Unscripted Series)

May TBA:
Ghost in the Shell: Sac_2045 (Netflix, Season 2)
Pistol (FX, new drama series)
Conversation with friends (Hulu, New Drama Limited Series)
George Carlin’s American Dream (HBO / HBO Max, New Documentary Miniseries)
Wife of Time Traveler (HBO / HBO Max, new drama series)
Couple therapy (Showtime, Season 3)
20 questions with Audi Cornish (CNN +, new talk show series)
Carrie and Gemmel: Talk easy (CNN +, new talk show series)

June 1:
Trixie Motel (Discovery +, New Documentary)

June 2:
Orville: New Horizons (Hulu, Season 3)

June 3:
The boys (Prime Video, Season 3)

June 5:
MTV Movie and TV Awards (MTV, Live Awards Special)

June 6:
American Ninja Warrior (NBC, Season 14)

June 8:
Mrs. Marvel (Disney +, new drama series)

June 10:
Diseased blind (Netflix, Season 6; Final Season)

June 12:
75th Annual Tony Awards (CBS, Live Prize Special)

June 13:
The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusic (HGTV, new documentary)

June 15:
Love, Victor (Hulu, Season 3; Final Season)

June TBA:
All Rise (OWN, Season 3; New Network)
The Book of Queer (Discovery +, New Documentary)
The wealth of the duck family (Fox Nation, new documentary)

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