‘St. Trinians’ director Oliver Parker has launched a production outfit – Deadline

BAFTA-nominated St. Trinians, Johnny English rebirth And An ideal husband Director Oliver Parker has launched a production shingle with James Baker, former CEO of Red Arrow Studios, and Sam Parker, a Metro International partner, and the costume is carrying a packed slate on Mip TV.

However the content was quietly opened several months ago and with it leading to its 10-strong ear slate Influencer Inc.,. Forbes Content and LA-based digital agency G&B Digital Management have formed a business format.

The London-based 10-staff indie is creating multi-genre shows targeting different platforms and networks and says it is currently working with a range of established and emerging talent.

Oliver Parker, a respected British director with lots of credits, including a BAFTA nominee An ideal husbandCreative Director.

Baker, a veteran UK executive who left Red Arrow Studios two years ago and used Sky Controller, is chairman, and Sam Parker, CEO of Sales House Metro International’s production and acquisition partner.

The trio maintains existing interests and projects, which can feed into its work anyway. Oliver Parker is currently working at Pathé’s The Great Escape Starring Michael Kane and Glenda Jackson.

Influencer Inc.

Represented at Cannes by Anyway’s EVP, Content Francesca Johnson and Development Executive, Creative and Strategy Victoria Fah, the company is hitting the market with a variety of formats. Influencing Inc.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however, as digital talent has been challenged to make more of an impact than just approving it as it puts itself in the established business which has yet to exploit the full potential of social media.

“The influential sector can be seen as purely promotional, but with Influencer Inc. We have a format that challenges their entrepreneurial mindset and explores it in an entertaining and insightful way, ”Johnson said.

Influencer Inc. Anyway Johnson, executive director of Forbes Film, Television and Audio, Travis Collins, chief adviser on G&B Digital Management, BrainTrust Center Bracken-Ferguson and co-founder / CEO Kyle Hazelmeseth are leading the party.

Also heading from MIP anyway is the yacht-based reality wedding layout ‘Sesame deck is our part And real series Forbidden faith, Enlighten the religion and worship of the Black Diaspora.

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