‘Summer of Soul’ Producer Condemns Chris Rock’s Oscar Presentation – Deadline

Oscar-winning producer Joseph Patel has shared his experience since Sunday night, with Will Smith receiving the award for Best Documentary Feature shortly after slapping presenter Chris Rock. A long Twitter thread, Summer of the soul (or, when revolution cannot be television …) Producers called Smith’s actions “selfish,” but reserved harsh criticism for Rock, who said he was “an absolute f *** ing dick.”

When Ahmer’s “Questlav” Thompson-directed searchlight image was announced as the winner in the rock category, he introduced Thompson and the “four white men”. On Twitter, Patel, who is of South Asian descent, shouted, “The real F *** ????? What makes me so angry is that I’m proud to be one of the few South Asians to have won an Oscar in the history of this award. “

“I am just happy to be free. Angry at Will Smith. Chris is angry at Rock. Anger for me. Angry for Ahmi. Angry for my fellow filmmakers. I returned home to New York last night and watched the show on my DVR and I didn’t have the guts to watch it. I probably never will. Thank you, Chris – you’re an absolute f *** ing dick. “

Patel had previously written that he had been “drunk with joy” since winning the Oscar but that “everything took a few days to process” and went on to describe the events.

“Once we realized that Chris Rock / Will Smith had no interaction, everything turned upside down. Everyone was trying to understand when Chris started reading the nominees with perseverance. What I didn’t hear when I went on stage, but later it was said that what Chris Rock said when he read our name from the winner’s card – the winner was “Summer of Soul … Ahmir”. Questlav “Thompson and … 4 white boys. What’s in the real F *** ?????”

Patel explained that he was “thrilled” to be the third South Asian to win that night, along with Riz Ahmed and Anil Karia who had previously won the Live Action Short Award. Goodbye. “Three South Asian winners on the same night – never before! And it makes sense! It’s history! “

Patel added, “I’m a big boy – I can make a joke. Comedian jokes. But not at that moment. What a ridiculous, disrespectful act to do. And here’s the thing … it’s not like Chris Rock was stressed. He made the same joke the night before on the Roots Jam stage! ”

Patel concludes, “I know that what happened with the ceremony and the Oscar-winning achievement will vary with time. I never need an idol to tell me how beautiful I am – but it will definitely help.” And what both Will and Chris have done has really scarred what should have been a beautiful moment for us. Finn. “

Here is Patel’s Twitter thread

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