T-Pain share email used by scammers to collect $ 300 fee for a fake music

Listen, people are getting creative about how they collect their coins! With an epidemic and little desire to work nowadays, word to Kim Kay, scammers are going up and out. T-Pain recently confronted a scammer using his good name to make money and wish them luck. Apparently, someone is offering a চুক্ত 300 fee for a music deal with T-Pain.

“These guys are acting here in UP !! Gayahahhaddaaaaaaaaan! Please don’t be fooled if you get this email, “T-Pain wrote in an Instagram caption.” And if you’ve already read about it … you all know I’m not. And who is sending Brosky out of that shit out … common boy. Chill brother. “Hello, my name is T-Pain.”

T-Pain’s caption was a reference to an email screenshot he shared. The fake offer starts with a straightforward “Hello My Name Is T-Pain”. Then, it crystallizes that T-Pain “as the head of EVP and A&R handles all business proposals and inquiries of NAPPY BOY ENTERTAINMENT.”

The email then offers the reader a compliment and informs them that “everything has been reviewed. [their] The music content “and the potential to flatten their careers.”

And what is the catch?

“Nappy Boy Entertainment Label wants to offer you a Marketing / Distribution Publishing Deal. We offer special services with our contract, such as professional materials from graphic design. .

And after the goodies are nice and sorted, our favorite scammer sets up a little catch in this distinguished deal with T-Pain.

“There is a small fee of $ 300 to do this which will indicate that the offer was unsolicited. We are based in Tallahassee, Florida. If you accept the agreement, your deposit fee will be refunded,” the scandalous email said.

“If you are interested, please let us know now so we can move forward and we will move forward with other important information and how you pay us,” the email said.

Chile, conspiracy is better and better – keep your eyes peeled Rumiz!

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