Taiga sought financial advice from Rob Kardashian after clarifying Black China

What started out as Blac Chyna spreading her grievances about single parents is now a prodigious conversation between Taiga and Rob Kardashian pulling her card! As you may already know, Chyna shares a 9 year old boy dream with Tiger King and 5 year old girl dreams with Rob. On Wednesday, she tweeted about “abandoning” her three vehicles and becoming a single mother without “any child support”.

Dads who live together …

After a while Shade house Posted her tweet, Tyga and Rob entered the comments section to clear up some thanks! Well, Taiga added more fuel to the viral fire when he returned to the TSR comments section and asked Rob for financial advice.

“আপনিrobkardashianofficial How do you pay 3K less. Let me know the plug, ”Tiga commented under a repost of Robert’s comment on how he financially supported his daughter’s dream.

Although Robert did not respond to requests for advice, people online are certainly following the conversation. The Tiger comment received over 102,000 likes and the re-post received over 14,000 comments. At the time of publication, the keywords Tyga, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were trending under ‘Famous Family’ on Twitter.

Wement! How did it start?

Taiga was the co-guardian in the situation who first spilled tea under a Chinese tweet under The Shade Room’s post. He commented, “I pay 40k a year for my son’s school and he stays with me Mon-Sat.” Taiga added, “Why can I give child support.”

Within an hour, Rob Tiger joins Lil TSR Post Rob commented, “I pay Rs 37,000 a year for my daughter’s school. I manage every single medical expense. “She continued,” I pay for all her extracurricular activities. I have a daughter from Tuesday-Saturday. ” Then, he apparently added sugar to Tiger’s tea, repeating the same line, “Why would I give child support.”

Unlike the father of his children, Black China did not set foot TSR To clear the air or to offer additional context. However, he replied to a Twitter user who retweeted Of the shed room Tweet about Tyga’s first reaction.

Twitter user kyrablvck wrote, “They are not lying. Blac Chyna does nothing but rent. So think about what he is saying about leaving his car. ”

Chyna simply replied, “@tyga lol.”

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