Taina Williams denies allegations of abuse Ari Fletcher’s allegations of abuse

Tina Williams hoped on Instagram to share her love for Yosohan Santana তার her boyfriend G. Harbo and the son of her ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher-on Instagram, after Ari complained that her son was abused under Tiner’s supervision. Tina broke her silence in a long post and denied all claims. In two videos showing her relationship with the child, Tina stops “telling lies”.

“I have allowed you to make up stories about me in the past, but I will not allow you to make up stories when it comes to a child I love so much. Anyone who knows me knows that I will never point a finger at her or any child, “he wrote. When I met Herb, I knew he was part of the package. I signed up for it with all the drama that came with it. I always hoped that we would be able to bridge the gap for our children as adults. ”

As the post continued, Tina explained that she would not allow anyone to attack her character while being a parent and accusing her of child abuse. Tina, who is eight months pregnant with her second child, Herb, revealed that the current situation is emotionally draining. He ends the message by saying that he loves Jason and prays that Ari will be healed. More than 5,000 people commented on Tyner’s post and praised him for how he handled the situation.

Herb didn’t say much about the ordeal. As we reported earlier, he addressed the haters in a series of videos, saying that only “sick” people would want a 3-year-old child to feel negative about their siblings or their parents. We will keep you updated if roommates, ARI or Herb Tiner respond to the post.

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