‘The Cleaning Lady’ and ‘Welcome to Flash’ survive the fox’s volatile journey –

Two very different foxes show that everyone perseveres against all odds to promote it. Comedy Welcome to Flatch COVID-19 survives epidemic shutdown and drama Cleaning lady They adapted the story while casting Elody Young. Talent from each show spoke on a panel for Deadline Contest TV on Saturday.

Cleaning lady Producer Miranda Kawak says she imagined her show would end on cable. In the show, Young plays Tony, a Cambodian doctor who has to work as a maid in the United States. Tony gets involved in crime to support his son.

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“Initially I thought I’d pitch it on cable and streaming because that’s where stories like this usually come from,” Kwok said. “Let’s try the network first because there’s more appetite for different stories,” said Warner Bros. Fox is actually the first network we pitch. They immediately scoop it up and, again, embrace it as a Southeast Asian character. “

Young is half Cambodian and half French. She said the main role was written as a woman in the Philippines. Young Kwok and the producer said Cleaning lady Adapted to its proper role.

“This is the first time as a person, as an actress, I feel like I’ve got to see the whole thing,” Young said. “We’ve had a lot of conversations to make it authentic. For the first time on broadcast TV, a main character who is Cambodian, really felt like I had seen the whole thing. It’s part of my roots. I’m French too but I think I have a small banner and I’m proud of it. “

Fox has been renewed Cleaning lady For the second season. Kwok promises to push Thani into a more moral gray area.

“We’ll definitely see a lot more gray with Tony and challenge him a bit more,” Kwok said. “Many situations are dragging him down the moral line. It’s just a matter of how far we can go with him. “

Welcome to Flatch This is an adaptation of UK Comedy This Country. Aa Documentary Crew is a small town residents film. Shawn William Scott plays Father Joe, a former Christian rock star who is now city minister. Holmes plays a local girl.

In March 2020, Flach was filming for a day when they had to stop. Creators Paul Fig and Jenny Bix used that day to film enough footage to sell Fox throughout the season, which they did when production was allowed to resume.

“Basically, they realized we had to stop, so they called all the cast back on set,” Holmes said. “They got as much footage as possible so they were able to make a sizzle reel.”

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Scott said the idea of ​​a Christian boy band singer as an adult minister was enough to sell him the role. His Mao likes it after playing a character like Scott in Stifler American pie And a stone Dude, where’s my car?

“My mother, she is a very strong Christian,” Scott said. “But when he heard that I was going to play the role of a minister, he was very upset, especially after playing all the weird characters. I had to tell him I was not actually a minister. He said, ‘I don’t care. Praise the king. ‘ After that I can retire. “

Father Joe is a more straightforward man than Scott usually does in comedy.

“It’s fun to see this guy, he can’t go beyond the glorious days of being the lead singer of this band,” Scott said. “It simply came to our notice then. He was, ‘I’m going to be a minister.’ Suddenly he got a job and he went over his head. He must have acted differently than the other characters I played. “

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