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Cobra Kai That’s what they brought back Karate Kid, Including Elizabeth Shoe, and Season 4 has even been re-launched Karate Kid IIIOf Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). So did Hillary Swank, who played Julie Pierce in 1994 Next Karate Kid, The last big name on the table. On a panel from Deadline’s competing television panel, co-producer Hayden Schlossberg teased Swank’s possible return. At least, there is no other show that can cast her as Julie Pierce.

“Anything is possible,” Schlossberg said. “I always say if you are a fan of it Next Karate Kid And if you want to see Julie Pierce who played Hillary Swank, we want to see that show if it happens. Season 5 is about to come out. It’s in the cans. Everything is possible. Julie Pierce is one of the toys in the toy chest so we’ll see. “

The main thing was the toy on the chest of the toy Cobra kaI called the panel Schlossberg and John Hurwitz Karate Kid Character action figures they used to play, and Cobra Kai The process of watching games with their toys as adults.

“Terry Silver, it’s a real joy to be able to bring this character Karate Kid Part III Go back to modern storytelling, ”says Schlossberg. “He’s just a complete Bond villain Karate Kid III. In our sequel series we can send him a push and make it where in the beginning he’s like this guy, ‘I’m out of this one.Cultivation Play. ‘ He’s pulled by the devil John Chris, but be careful what you want because at the end of the season, the knife twists and grabs everything. “

Cobra Kai Sensei Chris (Martin Cove) was another character Cobra Kai Have to explore more deeply.

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“To be able to take this character and bring him back the way you knew him in a certain way and start peeling off that onion and show the story behind it, cast a young man John Chris, wait a second, see, this guy doesn’t always start this. Off the beaten path, “said co-creator Hurwitz.” When you’re doing a serial show, you have the challenge of explaining why John Chris is just so bad. What motivated him to try to teach a bunch of kids? He has a worldview and worldview is built on his experience.

Ralph Macio returns as Daniel Laruso, continuing the education of the late Mr. Miyagi. Macio, who was also an executive producer, said he relied on Hurwitz, Schlossberg and Josh Held to see the big picture. Cobra Kai.

“To take this chapter to the next level, what I hope is not always done honestly,” McCoy said. “Sometimes there’s a push / pull, but at the end of the day, these guys can see the whole picture where I’m often very protective of part of a character. From this, creative collaboration has improved this character and gone deeper with it. “

Season 1-4 is streaming on Netflix. Season 5 December filming wrapper.

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