The creators of ‘Squid Game’ have released two main character returns for Season 2 –

Squid game Producer, director and writer Hwang Dong-hyuk and actor Park He-su have joined Peter White, TV editor for Paramount Studios’ Deadline Annual Contest Television, to discuss what fans can expect from the upcoming sophomore season of the Korean dystopian drama.

The creators have revealed two big names that are coming back.

“Gi-hun sure. He will come back and I believe the man in front will come back too, “Huang said.

Gi-Hun, now-SAG Award-winning actor Lee Jung-je, Squid game The protagonist who escapes from the gauntlet of deadly children’s games whose return is teased at the very end of the first season. Under the Black Mask, portrayed by superstar actor Lee Byung-hun, Front Man, on the other hand, is the villain and boss who invented the deadly game, pitting 456 cash-strapped players against each other for a cash prize of 45 456 billion. .

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Although the return of these characters was expected, it was the first public acknowledgment of their return.

A few weeks ago, Squid game The producer also teased Deadline about the possible return of Hoyun Jung, who played the North Korean refugee contestant in the series in the role of his own naughty twin sister.

Since the launch of Netflix’s most-watched show, Hwang hopes the show will break the language barrier and persuade Western audiences to do what the rest of the world has done for English-language media.

“It simply came to our notice then Squid game After a while the door opened. I hope the American audience will give the part a chance and you will read the subtitles and watch without dubbing. We hope to open up that opportunity, “said Huang.

Park He-su, who plays Sang-woo, a former businessman who went dark at the end of the show, thought the final game Squid game The game was the toughest so far.

Park explained the difficulty of playing the complex character because “the character was very regular.”

“[He is] In our daily lives we see someone. When I approached him, I didn’t think of him as a villain. Rather, he was influenced by the circumstances and environment in which he was placed, “said Park.

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Huang, who is working on a new project, Killing Old People’s ClubMentioned how the theme of economic inequality will always influence the messaging of his work.

“For this project and in future projects, it is impossible not to consider the political polarization, cultural differences and disadvantages as well as the environmental climate change that is taking place. I will be forced to observe and critique and manage these issues in future projects, “Huang said.

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