The future of ‘physicians’ is in doubt – deadlines

Updated: It seems unlikely that at least one of the two CBS media venture-distributed syndicated daytime talk shows, Doctor And Daily MailTV, Will continue beyond this season. We hear that CBS staff have been told today that both shows come from J. McGraw Stage 29 productions, facing possible termination. There is conflicting information but we have also heard that no official has been canceled.

According to sources, Daily MailTV officials are still making their final decision on whether the show will go ahead with its sixth season.

DoctorCreated by McGraw, it had its first season in 2008 This is the ER doctor. Co-host plastic surgeon Dr. Travis Stork. Andrew Ordon, dermatologist. Sonia Batra, psychologist. Judy Ho and OB / GYN Dr. Nita Laundry.

After being forced to shut down production in 2020 due to a coronavirus epidemic, the show underwent a major change, removing panel and live audience formats and launching its 13th season in September 2021 with the only host, Dr. Ian Smith. Originally filmed in LA with a studio audience, the show moved to a new state-of-the-art East Coast studio.

New with the theme “Take Your Power Back” Doctor According to the producers, it was designed to empower viewers through the fears and uncertainties of the present time. This series provides ongoing tips and solutions to help Americans take the form of fighting physically, mentally and emotionally.

Daily Mail TV,
Starting in 2017, five days a week, featuring breaking news, showbiz, crime, health and science and technology top news, starting with special news from

Was executive producer by McGraw and Carla Pennington (its executive producer) Dr. Phil And Doctor)Dr. Martin Clark (CEO, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Phil McGraw (executive producer) Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Bull)And Matt Strauss (The View, Katie). Eric Bisemeyer (Dr. Oz, GMA) Worked as co-executive producer.

Nellie Andreva and Dennis Petsky contributed to this report.

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