The mother of the teenager who fell from the ride claims to be her and denies having family relations with the woman

It’s been less than a week since a 14-year-old teenager collapsed in an amusement park in Orlando. As previously reported, Tire Sampson was visiting Icon Park with a football club at the time of the incident. And while his family is waiting for an answer from the Florida authorities’ investigation, Tire’s mother recently had to settle the claim of a woman who portrays herself to the media as her cousin.

What did he do?

Apparently, a woman who introduced herself as Shay Johnson wove a story about the day the tire went off. She claims to be the teenager’s cousin. She also claimed that she had spoken to him more than once before the accident. Tire told this female media outlet that her ride operators rejected her from a few more attractions because of her size. He said he was notified when someone cleared him to board the Orlando Free Fall.

But, accordingly Orlando Sentinel, While talking to Orange County detectives, Tire’s mother stopped describing Shay. Michelle Guido, a spokeswoman for the county sheriff’s office, confirmed the matter Orlando Sentinel That tire’s mother Shay Johnson “doesn’t know”. Another outlet, WFTV 9 ABC, Lawyers representing the teenager’s family have also confirmed that “none of the family members know Johnson.”

No crime, no time

And the woman has not only given multiple interviews to the media claiming kinship, she seems to be organized in her name. He has hosted alleged press conferences, collected petition signatures and even led a surveillance in front of Park Ride. WFTV 9 ABC.

Although the operation may seem bizarre, OCSO’s Michelle says detectives are watching. In the end, the detectives did not make a report and Sher is not facing any arrest warrant. In Michelle’s words, “At the moment, [detectives] There is no evidence of guilt. ” At the moment, there is no evidence to suggest raising funds in the name of the teenager.

Late Thursday night, WFTV 9 ABC Shay spoke to the employer. The management of Flash Dancer Bar in Orlando has confirmed to the outlet that Shake has been shut down.

There is no additional information about Shaw Johnson or his motives for falsifying the family relationship with the deceased teenager.

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