The new Omicron variant BA.2 is now the leading version of COVID-19 and is being considered

According to a recent report, the latest version of the Omicron variant, known as BA.2, is officially the most influential strain of COVID-19 in the United States. The new Omicron variant is responsible for more than 50% of all new cases এটি it has also been described by health experts as “highly contagious.”

BA.2, the new Omicron variant that led to a wave of new COVID-19 cases in Europe, has now surpassed the United States as the most influential version of the virus across the country. This latest information is based on a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Rochelle Wallensky predicted that BA.2 would quickly become influential in the United States.

The first case of BA.2 was first detected in the United States in December. Meanwhile, scientists are closely monitoring BA.2 এখন now the third genetically distinct species of the Omicron form of COVID-19.

The rapid growth of BA.2 is partly due to mutations in its eight genes that spike the protein on the surface of the virus, which is not found in the previous strain, BA.1.

Although BA.2 is more contagious than BA.1, so far there are no signs that it causes more serious illness and it has been shown that vaccines protect against the worst outcomes.

Many U.S. health officials say they expect the case to escalate and strongly blame U.S. residents for not doing enough to stem another potential wave of Covid-19.

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